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Mysuru is the cultural capital of Karnataka, home to the Internationally popular Mysuru Palace which gets over 6 million visitors each year and is India’s second cleanest city after Auroville. Before the formation of Karnataka State in 1956, most of South India was under the rule of Mysuru state. It is the erstwhile capital of the Wadiyar Dynasty.

Interestingly, history or legends say that it was around this time during their rule that the famous sweet Mysore Pak was invented in the palace kitchen’s by one of their cook’s. The cook, although, had no idea himself of the name of the most mouth watering sweet whose ghee immersed flavor just melts in your mouth, boggling your taste buds. Such was the feeling of the then king when he first tasted Mysore Pak. So yes, this delectable sweet is a must experience when in Mysuru that will take you through a tour of flavors of the city in itself.

Mysuru Pak is found in any sweet shop or bakery in Mysuru but do not miss out on trying it out from the descendants of the person who created the sweet. Yes, Guru Sweets in Mysuru is owned by the descendants of the royal cook Kakasura Madappa who introduced the sweet in the royal courts for the first time and since then for about 74 years or more, this place has been the ideal place to purchase Mysuru Pak.

Of course, many must have heard of the scrumptious Mysuru Masala Dose is again a must try dish.

When at Mysuru, take a walking tour around this beautifully calm city and indulge yourself in some shopping experiences like the beautiful Mysuru Silk (weaved from Mulberry Silk), the famous Chennapattana Wooden Dolls, Mysuru Sandal Soap (Sandal Soap Factory) and the fragrant Mysuru Jasmine(Malli) to name a few.

Mysuru is also famous for its Tanga/Tonga Ride (a light carriage drawn by a horse). Skip those cabs and rickshaw’s, hop on to the horsecarts and enjoy a fun-filled ride around the city at a comparatively low cost, controlled by the locals of the city.

On the other hand, Mysuru is known to have one of the most well maintained Public Bike Sharing System (PBS) known as TrinTrin. Get your hands on one of those yellow cycles and take yourself on a cycling tour around the city as well and enjoy every part of this clean city.

TrinTrin PBS, this is the official site about PBS and its tariff for the same

This is a city that is the epitome of cultural indulgence and a tourist’s most loved destination. Over the year’s Mysuru has seen a surge in International Tourists who flock to the city to rejuvenate in the Yoga retreats, thus, making the city a yoga hub. Mysore Style Yoga this link goes on to say how Yoga rose to fame in Mysuru, making it one of the preferred destinations for International tourists. The Gokulam suburb contains the most renowned yoga schools (such as S.K. Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute).

Mysuru Dasara is an annual festival not to be missed. Held during the month of October, Mysuru Dasara attracts visitors from all over the world. Mysuru city will be at its best during the Dasara celebrations. Jambu Savari (elephants carrying the royal throne and going in a procession) is a major attraction.

Mysuru is the global headquarter of Infosys, world’s premier information technology company. Mysuru is also an education hub with Mysuru University and several higher education institutions.

For further information, visit the official website click here!

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When to go: All year round

Tourist offices:

Office of the Deputy Director
Department of Tourism
Mysuru Division, Hotel Mayura, Hoysala Complex,
JLB Road, Mysuru
Tel: +91-821-2422096
Cell: +91-9620270688

KSTDC Transport Wing
Yatri Niwas Building, JLB Road
Tel: +91-821-2423652
Cell: +91-8970656400 (7am-9pm)

Historic Sites
  • Mysuru Palace: Mysuru Palace is the symbol of grandeur and royal heritage at Karnataka’s cultural capital, Mysuru. With over six million visitors each year, Mysuru Palace is India’s second most popular tourist attraction and monument, after Taj Mahal in UP State. Mysuru Palace was built in the early 14 th< century by the royal family of Wodeyars. Mysuru Palace beckons visitors with its intricately carved rosewood doors, collection of paintings, marble figurines, colourful ceilings, objects used by Royal family members and huge durbar halls. Mysuru Palace is also illuminated on select days with over one lakh bulbs. No one leaves Mysuru without visiting Mysuru Palace.

  • Lalit Mahal Palace: The second largest palace in Mysuru, located near the Chamundi Hills. Built in 1921, Lalit Mahal Palace is now a heritage hotel.

  • Talakadu: Talakadu is a historic temple town where multiple temples, buried under sand over time have been carefully excavated and reconstructed. Talakadu temples were built during the Ganga Dynasty in the 11th century. Over time Talakadu was ruled and cared for by subsequent Hoysala, Vijayanagara and Mysuru kingdoms. Located on the banks of River Kaveri, 50 kms from Mysuru city, Talakadu makes an ideal day trip. Pataleshwara, Maruleshwara, Vaidyanatheshwara, Arkeshwara Temple and Mallikarjuna Temple are the five major temples in Talakadu, collectively known as Panchalingas.

  • Chittaranjan Palace: Chittaranjan Palace was built by the Maharaja of Mysuru for his sister in 1916. Chittaranjan palace is located on the Hunasur road.

  • Mysuru Zoo: Mysuru Zoo is the most popular zoo in Karnataka and one of the oldest in India. Mysuru Zoo is spread over 157 acres and home to 168 different species of birds and animals. Official name of Mysuru zoo is Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens. Mysuru Zoo is a must visit when in Mysuru, particularly for animal lovers and families with kids. Most popular animals in Mysuru Zoo are Tigers (including white tiger), Lions, Jaguars, Giraffe, Zebra, Leopards, Rhinos, Birds, Elephants and Hippopotamus

  • Nagarahole National Park: Spread over 643 square kms spanning Kodagu and Mysuru districts, Nagarahole National Park is an important national park and tiger reserve in Karnataka. Nagarahole is a must visit national park for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers as the forest safari offers a very high probability of being able to spot Bengal tigers and Asiatic elephants in their natural habitat. Nagarahole national park is also home to a large number of wild dogs, leopards and bears. Commonly spotted herbivores animals are wild gaurs, wild boar, sambar deer, Antelope, spotted deers as well as several species of birds.

Religious Places
  • Chamundeshwari Temple: Chamundeshwari Temple is Karnataka’s official state goddess (Nada Devate), located on Chamundi hills near Mysuru, at an elevation of 1074 meters above mean sea level. Chamundi hill was originally known as Mahabala Betta due to Mahabaleshwara temple. Said to have been 1000+ years old, Chamundeshwari temple featuring Goddess Durga received patronage from all rulers such as Hoysalas, Vijayanagara Empire and Mysuru Wodeyars. The temple tower (Raja Gopura) was added by Krishna Raja Wodeyar III in 1830.

  • Temples inside Mysuru city: Kamakameshwari Temple, Maruleshwara temple and Chaudeshwari temple.

  • Somanathapura: Somanathapura in Mysuru district is popular for its Chennakeshava temple on the banks of Kaveri river. Chennaikeshava temple was built in the 13th century by a commander of Hoysala Kingdom and is worth visiting because of its captivating Hoysala style architecture.

  • Gomatagiri: Gomatagiri in Mysuru district’s Bettadoor is popular for its mini Gomateshwara (also known as Bahubali) statue. The 6 meter high monolithic statue at Gomatagiri is said to be 700 years old and forms an important Jain centre of worship in the district. Gomatagiri of the hill on which Gomateshwara statue is located is about 50 meters high from ground level.

  • Siddhalingapura: Just outside Mysuru city limits, Siddhalingapura is home to Chandramoulishwara temple.

  • St. Philomena’s Cathedral, Mysuru: St. Philomena’s Cathedral is one of the tallest churches in Asia, built in 1936 using neo gothic style architecture. St Philomena’s Cathedral was built by Maharaja of Mysuru Mummudi Krisharaya Wodeyar in 1843 in memory of 4th century green saint and martyr St. Philomena. Remains of St Philomena are preserved at the cathedral.

  • Nanjanagudu: Nanjanagudu is a temple town on the banks of Kapila River, located in Mysuru district. Nanjanagudu gets its name from Najundeshwara temple built in 9th century AD.

  • Datta Peetham. Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Avadhoota Datta Peetham is an ashram in Mysuru with beautiful gardens with bonsai among other plants.

  • T.Narasipura: Thirumakudlu Narasipura is known for Agastyeshwara, Markandeshwara, Someshwara, Gunja Narasimha and Hanumantheshwara temples. River Kaveri and Kabini merge near T Narasipura.

  • Golden Temple: The Namdroling Monastery, popularly referred to as ‘The Golden Temple’ is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India. Located in Bylakuppe, about 5 kms from Kushalanagara, the golden temple complex is home to about 16000 refugees and 600 monks.

  • Tagadoor: Home to Mulasthaneshwara, Lakshmi Narayana Swamy and Ankanatheshwara temples

  • Suttur: A prominent Veerashaiva centre, agrahara and home to Sutturamma temple of Ganga times. Other prominent temples near Suttur are Hoysala style Narayanaswamy temple, and Mahadeshwara temple.

  • Sosale: Home to Honnadevi, Veerabhadra, Kote Ganapathi and Kolalu Gopala temples.

  • Saligrama: Home to Yoga Narasimha, Shambhulingeshwara, Jyothimayeshwara and other temples.

  • Periyapattana: Home to Chennigaraya temple and an old fort with Vidyeshwara temple, Anjaneya Temple and Manikamma temple.

  • Maszid-e-Nawab Saheb: Oldest mosque in Mysuru from Tipu Sultan’s times. Halain Moimen mosque is the other notable mosque in Mysuru.

  • Mugur: An ancient capital town now known for Tibbadevi, Narayanaswamy, Desheswara, Sankareshwara and other temples.

  • Mudukuthore Betta: Is one of the panchalingas of Talakad and known for Mallikarjuna temple. The temple entrance (gateway) features a Kamadhenu.

  • Krishnarajanagar: Home to temples of Arkeshwara, Anjaneya, Chandramaulishwara, Lakshminarayana, Kannika Parameshwari and Akka Mahadevi.

  • Mirle: Home to Hoysala era temples of Chennakeshava and Yoga Narasimha.

  • Kittur: Home to Hoysala era Someshwara temple, Mysuru style Adinarayana temple and Vijayanagara style Hanumantha temple.

  • Kalale: Home to Pattabhirama, Gopalaswamy, Someshwara, Lakshmikanthaswamy, Varadarajaswamy and other temples.

  • Hemmaragala: Home to Hoysala era Venugopala temple, Anjaneya, Mahadeshwara, Maramma, Malledevaru and Beeredevaru temple.

  • HD Kote: Heggadadevanakote is home to Someshwara temple, a fort with Hoysala era monuments dedicated to Varadaraja and a shrine dedicated to Goddess Ranganayaki.

  • Hedathale: Home to beautiful temples of Nageshwara, Laksmikantha and Chennigaraya.

  • Chikkahanasoge: A celebrated Jain centre with Adinatha basadi

  • Dodda Hansoge: Home to Anjaneya and Raghavendra Brindavana temples.

  • Bettadapur: Bettadapur is on the edge of Western Ghats, home to Sidilu Mallikarjuna temple, Veerabhadra temple and Hanumantharaya temple.

  • Bannur: A village on the border of Mandya district, Bannur is home to Kosaleshwara temple, Oddagalu Rangaswamy, Hanumantheshwara and other temples. Maadhwa Saint Vyasa Thirtha was born in Bannur.

  • Gargeshwari: Home to Gargeshwari and Rama temples on the banks of River Kaveri in T. Narasipura.

Tourist Attractions
  • Shukavana: A rescue centre for injured birds, Shukavana also facilitates visitors to get close with birds and understand them better. Shukavana is located in Dattanagar in Mysuru. Read more...

  • Karanji Lake Nature Park: A popular garden and lake with boating facility and bird watching opportunity.

  • Kukkarahalli lake: A popular walking track around a beautiful lake, located near Saraswatipuram.

  • Sanjeevini Park: Often referred to as ‘Happy Man’s Park’, Sanjeevini park near Kamakshi hospital in Kuvempunagar is popular for large statues of laughing Buddha.

  • Lingambudhi Kere: Lingambudhi Lake in Mysuru was built by Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodiyar in 1828 in memory of Maharani Krishna Vilasa Lingajammanni.

  • Chunchanakatte: Popular picnic spot on the banks of Kaveri River. Also home to Rama and Anjaneya temples.

Art & Festivals
  • Dasara: Mysuru Dasara is Karnataka’s state festival and one of the most popular festivals people look forward to. Dasara is celebrated in grand manner each year at Karnataka’s cultural capital, Mysuru. Dasara celebrations are spread over 10 days, held during the Navaratri period (usually falls in the month of October). Each year visitors arrive from all over the world to witness Mysuru Dasara celebrations. Dasra celebrates victory of good over evil, marked by Goddess Chamundeshwari killing the demon Mahishasura. Dasara festival is said to have started during Vijayanagara rule in 15th century and has seen 400+ editions so far. Entire Mysuru city decks up to be at its best during Mysuru Dasara. Visiting Dasara celebrations and Jamboo Savari is a must do activity for anyone visiting Karnataka. Besides Jambu Savari, other attractions during Dasara include various exhibitions & competitions, Mysuru Palace illumination, cultural shows and fairs.

  • GRS Fantasy Park: GRS Fantasy Park is a popular amusement park in Mysuru city, offering a wide range of thrill seeking rides, family rides, games and entertainment options. Aqua racer, Aqua tornado, Pendulum Slide, Crazy Cruise, Amazonia, Colombia, Music Bob and Dragon’s Den are the intense, adrenaline pumping thrill rides at GRS Fantasy Park.

  • Mysuru Dasara Kite Flying Competition: Kite flying competition is usually organized as part of Dasara celebrations, where both professional and amateur kite flyers can participate.

  • Hike up to Chamundi Hills: Visitors can climb about 1008 steps to reach the top of Chamundi hills, instead of using a vehicle.

  • E-Bike tours: Guests can take a guided tour of Mysuru city on electric bikes, operated by B:live https://www.blive.co.in/tours/majestic-mysore-72972

  • Walking tours: Private operators and volunteers organize short walking tours of Mysuru, based on different themes such as Palace, Food, Best of Mysuru, Mysuru on cycle and so on. http://gully.tours/destination/mysore.html

  • Watersports at Varuna Lake: JetSki Rides, Kayaking, boat rides and other watersports are available in Varuna lake, 13 kms from Mysuru city. Varuna is also known for Mahalingeshwara temple showcasing fine Ganga era sculptures.

  • Horse Riding: Puravi riding academy conducts horse riding sessions and activities. http://puraviridingacademy.com/

  • Skydiving in Mysuru: Skydiving at Mysuru airport is organized subject to operator discretion and necessary approvals. Skydiving is the ultimate of adventures where one can experience free fall for several seconds (30-40 seconds in a tandem fall from 10000 ft).

  • Kabini Backwaters Forest Safari: Kabini Backwaters Forest Safari is a popular experience at Kabini. All forest safaris start from Gol Ghar. There are two types of safaris in Kabini- one is the jeep safari and the other is boat safari in Kabini River. The boat safari lasts for close to 90 minutes and guests may see elephants mud bathing on the shores, several birds such as cormorants, cranes, darters along the river banks, crocodiles as well as snakes. Ensure you are at the location 30 minutes prior.

Museum & Art
  • Mysuru Rail Museum: Established in 1976, Mysuru Rail Museum is the second railway museum in India (first one is in Delhi). With multiple exhibits portraying the evolution of railways, Mysuru Rail Museum is an ideal place to familiarize youngsters with railways and learn more about the systems and controls used in Railway networks.

  • Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion , Manasagangotri: A former royal mansion now converted into a museum. Artifacts pertaining to local folk performing arts, tools and ancient objects of various artisans and other archaeological findings are exhibited here.

  • Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery: Jaganmohan Palace, one of the fine buildings in Mysuru is now converted into an art gallery. The art gallery is worth a visit because of its wide and impressive collection of artifacts. Jaganmohan Palace was formerly a royal residence, later converted into an art gallery and museum. It was opened to the public in 1915 by the then king of Mysuru- Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar.

  • Folklore Museum: Folklore Museum in Mysuru showcases over 6500 artifacts belonging to folk art, craft, music, literature and drama. Folklore museum was set up in 1968 and is a one stop shop to gain great insights into Karnataka’s vast expanse of folklore and heritage. The building housing folklore museum was earlier Jayalakshmi Vilas Palace.

  • Melody World Wax Museum . Melody World Wax Museum offers life size statues and exhibits based on musicians and musical instruments from all over the World.

  • Sand Sculpture Museum: Sand Sculpture Museum in Mysuru showcases about 150 different sculptures made out of 100+ truck loads of sand. Exhibits are categorized under 16 different themes such as heritage, culture, wildlife, mythology, wildlife, fairy tales etc. Spread over 13000 sq ft, Sand Sculptures are designed to last years and protected from rain with temporary roofs.

  • National Museum of Natural History: Has exhibits on plants, animals and geology of the southern region of India.   http://nmnh.nic.in/mysore.htm

Tour Location

Mysuru is well connected by air, rail and road network from all over Karnataka.

Mysuru airport is 11 kms from city centre and has flights from select cities such as Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa and Kochi. Bengaluru and Kannur are two nearby international airports with better flight connectivity. (180 and 160 kms from Mysuru respectively)
Mysuru has a railway station and is connected to Bengaluru and Mangaluru by train. Shatabdi Express covers the distance between Bengaluru and Mysuru in about two hours.
Mysuru has excellent bus connectivity from major cities of Karnataka. KSRTC, Flybus and other private players have good connectivity to Mysuru.
App based cycle rentals such as Trin Trin (https://www.mytrintrin.com/ )can be used for short commutes. Self drive cars and bikes are available in Mysuru. Taxis can be hired to explore nearby attractions. Horse pulled Tanga rides are a popular mode of commute in Mysuru. KSTDC operates Mysuru city sightseeing tours (https://www.kstdc.co/tour-packages/mysuru-sight-seeing-2/).


JLR Kabini River Lodge,
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Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel,
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Royal Orchid Metropole,
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#1771, 2nd Floor, Urs Complex, Sardar Patel Road, near Prabha Theater, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001
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No 3, Nethra Nivas, Nazarbad Main Road, Mysuru, Karnataka 570010


Hotel Kalyani,
# 120/1, Ring Road, Hebbal Industrial Area, near Bharat Cancer Hospital, Mysuru, Karnataka 570017
Zostel Mysuru,
2639, 1, Valmiki Rd, Vani Vilas Mohalla, Mysuru, Karnataka 570002
Akshaya Palace Inn,
#436/E, KRS Road-Ring Road Junction, Hebbal, Mysuru, Karnataka 570016
International Youth Hostel,
350, 5th Main Rd, Gokulam 2nd Stage, Gokulam, Mysuru, Karnataka 570002