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Mysuru Rail Museum

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Established in 1976, Mysuru Rail Museum is the second railway museum in India (first one is in Delhi). With multiple exhibits portraying the evolution of railways, The Rail Museum is an ideal place to familiarize youngsters with railways and learn more about the systems and controls used in Railway networks.

Key Exhibits

  • Austin Rail Motor car: A 1925 Austin car is fitted with railway wheels and used as an inspection car.
  • Wagnall & Co 119 E steam engine
  • Meter Gauge Bus rail that was being run between Shivamogga and Talaguppa
  • Royal coaches used by Maharaja of Mysuru
  • 1963 YP-2511 meter gauge steam engine built by TELCO
  • Narrow Gauge and meter gauge coaches
  • Maharani Saloon- royal coaches with bed room, kitchen and dining car
  • 1885 MG Hand Crane 
  • Signaling systems, paintings and other artifacts related to railways

The Rail Museum has a battery operated toy train for kids,

Timings to visit the Rail Museum: The rail museum is open from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM on all days except Monday. Ticket sales stop one hour before closing time.

How to reach the Rail Museum: Mysuru is well connected by air, road and rail from Bengaluru (150 kms away). The rail museum is right inside Mysuru railway station campus, accessible via Krishna Raja Sagara road

Places to stay near Mysuru Rail Museum: Mysuru city has hotels and resorts in all budget categories.


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