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Scuba Diving in Netrani

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Netrani is one of the Islands off Murudeshwara popular as Scuba diving destinations in Karnataka. The Netrani Islands also known as Pigeon Island is off the Murudeshwara coast. This is an enchanting island with a wild growth of trees and curved rocky formations that shelters numerous pigeons. The island with its corals and clear waters is probably the best snorkelling/ dive sites in India. There are great opportunities for snorkelling; both for beginners to deep-diving experts here. Being a Scuba diving destination in Karnataka there are multiple operators in Murudeshwara who conduct single dives as well as scuba diving courses. Being able to swim like a fish, see them in close view underwater and seeing colourful corals will be an experience to cherish, a perfect adventure for everyone in the family.

Types of Scuba Diving Courses

Single Scuba Dive: Single Scuba dive can be attempted by any individual with basic fitness and enthusiasm to explore underwater. An instructor will brief students about various hand gestures that need to be used for communication underwater, basic breathing principles and how to use the equipment. Not mistaking hand symbols, learning how to equalize pressure on the ears is essential for a successful dive. Some operators facilitate a quick trial session near the shore or in a swimming pool. In this mode an instructor dives with the student and guides him/her underwater, allowing the student to witness underwater fishes and rocks in close quarters.

PADI/SSI Course: Solo-diving is yet another type of scuba diving course offered in Netrani Islands. Individuals interested in performing solo-scuba diving can undertake a certification course under PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or SSI (Scuba School International). The course typically lasts 5-7 days and includes 3 modules- classroom sessions, confined dives (in swimming pools) and open water diving. Completing the course enables you to undertake a dive without an instructor and even guide other divers.

Scuba Diving Cost: 

A single scuba dive can cost upwards of INR 4000. Depending on group size and season you might be able to negotiate a better rate with the operator available at the island off Murudeshwara itself.


By Train: Murudeshwara has a railway station on the Konkan Railway line. 

By Road: Murudeshwara is 600 km from Bengaluru. Murudeshwara has excellent connectivity of public transportation from all parts of Karnataka. Many public and private buses are very much available every day to take you to Murudeshwara

By Air: Mangaluru is the nearest airport that is 150 km away. 


Murudeshwara is a temple town and offers a wide range of budget and mid-range hotel options. A trip to Murudeshwara would be memorable when you hunt for your accommodation after reaching the destination. It is sometimes fun to do something a little quirky and offbeat to add some spice to your trip, isn’t it?


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