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Yadgiri is popularly known as “Yadavagiri” by the locals. The famous dynasties of the south, the Yadavas, Satavahans, the Chalukyas of Badami, the Rashrakutas, Barid Shahis, the Adil Shahis, the Nizams have ruled over the district.

Yadgiri is one of the smallest districts of Karnataka and it is located in the northeastern part of the state. It is surrounded by Kalaburgi in the north, Raichur in the south, Vijayapura in the west and Telangana state in the east. The major crops include Jowar, Paddy, Cotton, Sunflower, Groundnut and Sugarcane. The area is also renowned for its vast stretch of fertile black soil which is the main reason for bumper harvests especially of red gram, hence the district is also referred to as the “Daal Bowl” of the state. Yadgiri also has a cluster of cement industries and a distinct stone popularly known as “Malakheda Stone”. The district is blessed with two rivers namely the Krishna and the Bhima.

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Heritage Sites
  • Yadagiri Fort: Yadagiri Fort is one of the largest forts in Karnataka. Yadagiri fort is built on a large monolith rock over 850 meters in length, 500 meters in width and 100 meters in height. Over time Yadgiri Fort was under the rule of Bahmani Sultans, Adil Shahi, Yadava kings, Kalyana Chalukyas, Hyderabad Nizams and Chola Dynasty. Yadgiri fort is a large campus, well-fortified with canons, self-sufficient with water source and storage facilities to sustain in the eventuality of long term enemy seize
  • Shorapur Fort: The last ruler of Shorapur Raja Venkatappa Nayaka fought against the British to avoid their inference in the internal affairs of his territory. The Nayaks have built Shorapur city with two palaces and a fort in Vaginagera.
  • Vanadurga Fort: With huge entrance gates, half-moon shaped walls, Sanskrit inscriptions in Devanagari script and other features, Vanadurga fort is a mystic fort 24 kms from Shahapur. Vanadurga fort was built by Pidda Nayaka for his queen Venkammamba.
  • Rajavenkatappa Nayaka Kote and Palace: Located in Shorapura town, 52 kms from Yadgiri, Raja Venkatappa Fort & Palace was the stronghold of the last prominent ruler of Nayaka dynasty.
Religious Places
  • Chanda Hussain Dargah: Located in Gogi, 47 kms from Yadgiri city, Chanda Hussain Dargah is a popular religious and community centre in Yadgiri.
  • Sofi Sarmast durga: The famous Sofi Sarmast Dargah is in Shahapur taluka village called Sagar. The durga attracts thousands of people in the urs of Sofi Sarmast.
  • Bheemarayan Gudi (B.Gudi): A famous temple of Bhalabhima Sena, Sankramana In January is a major celebration.
  • Abbetumkur: A famous temple of Vishwaradhya in Yadgiri Shivarathri in February-March is a major celebration
  • Thithini Mouneshwar Temple: An ancient temple called as a Dakshina Kashi attracts both Hindu and Muslim devotees. Located at 20 kms from Shorapur, the region was an agrahara (Brahmin colony) during the rule of Vikramaditya the sixth.
  • Shiraval Village: Home to about 20 temples of Shatavahana era, oldest being temple complex of Nagaiah and Nanaiah. Temple complex has large pillars, designs of Shiva Tandava on the ventilators, four and a half feet tall statue of Harihara with eight arms, designs of Goddess Lakshmi on the doors and other attractions.
  • Bonal Bird Sanctuary: Bonal is Karnataka’s second largest bird sanctuary (Ranganathittu near Mysuru is the largest) located near Shorapur city in Yadgiri district, North Karnataka. Bonal lake was developed during the British era as a recreational facility with funding from Hyderabad Nizams. Bonal lake gets mentioned in a few autobiographies written by British officials.
  • Sleeping Buddha Hill: 45 kms from Bonal Bird sanctuary and 40 kms from Yadgiri city is the Sleeping Buddha Hill. Sleeping Buddha hill is a combination of 4 small hills which together resemble the position of a sleeping Buddha, when viewed from a distance. When in Yadgiri, do not miss visiting the sleeping Buddha hill.
  • Lumbini Park: Lake and recreational facility in Yadgiri town.
  • Sannakere: Sanna Kere is a tank and recreational area located right inside Yadgiri town
  • Narayanapura Dam: Provides irrigations to 106000 hectares of land
  • Kodekal Basavanna: Kodekal Basavanna is well known as a saint of truth. He authored Kala Gnana (knowledge of time) in a place known as Pyati Gudi.

Tour Location

Yadgiri is 500 kms North of Bengaluru.

Kalaburagi airport is the nearest airport (79 kms)
Yadgiri has a railway station and is well connected by train.
Yadgiri has KSRTC and private bus connectivity from Bengaluru and other major cities in Karnataka.
Local transport: Taxis can be hired from major towns such as Yadgiri, Shorapur etc to explore local attractions.
Yadgiri city has several budget and mid-range hotel options. Hotel NVM Residency, Hotel SLV, Ashoka Lodge and Ashraya Hotel are the budget hotels in Yadgiri town.