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Yadagiri Fort

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Yadagiri Fort

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Yadagiri Fort is one of the largest forts in Karnataka. Yadagiri fort is built on a large monolith rock over 850 meters in length, 500 meters in width and 100 meters in height. 

Over time Yadagiri fort was under the rule of Bahmani Sultans, Adil Shahi, Yadava kings, Kalyana Chalukyas, Hyderabad Nizams and Chola Dynasty. Yadagiri fort is a large campus, well fortified with canons, self-sufficient with water source and storage facilities to sustain in the eventuality of long term enemy seizure.

Points of interest inside Yadagiri Fort

  • Fort Entrance- Mahadwara, narrow, curvy passage and inner doors
  • Bhavani Temple
  • Ramalingeshwara temple
  • Wells, canal & water storage facilities
  • Turrets and cannons, some of which are massive with 10 inch diameter.
  • Palace and mosque complex ruins 
  • Barracks
  • Underground structures- possibly store houses or hideouts.
  • Flag Bastions 
  • View of Yadagiri town below.

Given the vast area inside the Yadagiri fort, about 2-3 hours is recommended time to spend.

How to reach Yadgiri Fort:

Yadagiri is 500 kms north of Bengaluru. Kalaburagi airport is the nearest airport (79 kms). Yadagiri has a railway station. Buses are available to reach Yadagiri from Bengaluru. Yadagiri fort is 4 kms from the city centre and can be reached by hiring an auto.

Places to stay near Yadagiri Fort:

Yadagiri city has several budget and mid range hotel options.

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