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Raichur is an important commercial, industrial and education centre in North Karnataka, 412 kms north of Bengaluru.  The district was considered a part of the Princely State of Hyderabad (Telangana) until the reorganization of the state on the 1st of November, 1956.

The district holds hundreds of inscriptions, ranging right from the Mauryan period upto the end of the Muslim period, in a variety of languages like Sanskrit, Prakrit, Kannada, Arabic and Persian. All of these were proof that it belonged to almost all the dynasties that ruled over the Dekkan. The most important places to visit are Maski, Koppal, Kuknur, Mudgal and Raichur.

Hatti, India’s only functional gold mine is located in Raichur. Raichur also has a thermal power plant providing electricity to Karnataka and national grid.

Raichur also has multiple interesting tourist attractions and religious centers. Raichur district celebrates several annual fairs. Most popular ones are Kadlur Kadlurayya Fair, Naradagadde annual Fair, Manvi Karemma fair etc.

For further information, visit the official district website click here!

Heritage Sites
  • Raichur Fort: Built during Kalyana Chalukya times and expanded by Kakatiya Rudramadevi, Raichur fort came under the rule of Malik Kafur, Vijayanagara Empire, Bahmanis, Mughals, Bijapur rulers and Hyderabad Nizams. Raichur Fort campus houses multiple mosques, features several grand entrances (darwaza) and other artifacts.
  • Mudagal Maski: Maski is an archaeological site on the banks of Maski River, 87 kms from Raichur. Minor rock edict of Emperor Ashoka was found in Maski.
  • Malliabad: Malliabad is a town 5 kms from Raichur city, known for its historically important fort, Vishnu temple, two life size elephants carved in white granite and other monuments
  • Kallur: Kallur is a village surrounded on three sides by granite hills. The name Kallur means stone village (Kallu = Stone, Ooru= Village). Kallur is worth visiting because of its landscape and historic artifacts such as outer walls and gates of the village, Yemmigudda (has pre-historic drawings), large open wells, and several temples including Mahalakshmi temple.
  • Gabbur: Gabbur village in Raichur houses about 30 temples and rock edicts built during the period of Kalyani Chalukyas.
  • Jaladurga: Jaladurga, formerly known as Manuve is known for its forts constructed in an island of Krishna River.
Religious Places
  • Manvi: Manvi is a village in Raichur district popular for Jagannathadasa T Manvi is a popular pilgrimage centre in the region and popular for its fairs and festivals such as Yellamma fair, Maha Malleshwarappa Fair, Sanjeevaraya Fair etc. Manvi also has a ruined fort.
  • Sri Sugureshwara Temple: At Deosugur, 18 kms from Raichur, on the banks of Krishna river.
  • Ambadevi Matt: Ambadevi Matt and Ambadevi Temple are places of worship located in Somanathapura village of Sindhanur taluk in Raichur district. Ambadevi Matt’s annual 9 day festival is very popular in the region and attracts huge crowds.
  • Chaya Bhagavathi: Temple on the banks of Krishna, dedicated to the consort of Sun God, 4 kms from Jaladurga.
  • Kavithal: Popular for Trayambakeshwar Temple
  • Panchamukhi: A hamlet in Ganadalu village, 35 kms from Raichur, popular for Panchamukhi temple with a relief sculpture of Anjaneya. Accessible from Mantralaya as well.
  • Hatti: Hatti is the only functioning gold mine in India.
  • Naradagudda: Naradagadde is an island off River Krishna in Raichur district and can be reached via coracle.
  • Ramagadde: Another serene and enchanting island in Krishna River, 20 kms north of Raichur.
  • Dhanish Koti Falls: A 400 feet waterfalls in River Krishna after multiple small (15-20 feet) rapids, located near Chayabhagavathi temple, in a scenic surrounding
  • Rajalabandha: A picnic spot 25 kms from Manvi
  • Shaktinagar: Location of thermal power plant, 18 kms from Raichur.

Tour Location

Raichur is well connected by rail, road and air. Raichur is 412 kms from Bengaluru.
Kalaburagi airport is 157 kms away from Raichur while Jindal Vijayanagara airport in Ballary airport is 172 kms away. These are two closest airports to Raichur.
Raichur has a railway station and is well connected by train.
Raichur has KSRTC and private bus connectivity from Bengaluru and other major cities in Karnataka.
Taxis can be hired from major towns such as Raichur, Lingsugur, Mudgal, Sindhnur and Manvi to explore local attractions.
Raichur district has adequate hotel options for visiting tourists. Hotel Karavali Residency and Hotel SAK are popular hotels in Raichur city.