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Bonal Bird Sanctuary

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Located in Bonal village in Shorapur is the Bonal Lake and this is the second-largest bird sanctuary after Ranganthittu in Karnataka. The lake, surrounded by rocky hillocks, is believed to be built by Surpur King Raja Pam Naik in the 17th century. Many species of birds visit this lake including migratory birds.

Reasons to visit Bonal Bird Sanctuary:

  • Several species of migratory birds visit the lake
  • The birds which frequent the sanctuary include Purple Heron, White-necked Stork, white ibis, Black-headed Ibis, Red-naped Ibis, Darter, Bar-headed Goose, Purple Moorhen, Indian Moorhen, Large Egret, Pond Heron, and Cattle Egret.
  • 700 acres of water body with rocky hills and vast agricultural land around
  • The State Government has proposed to develop parks and gardens around Bird Sanctuary.

Sleeping Buddha Hill:

45 km from Bird Sanctuary and 40 km from Yadagiri city is the sleeping Buddha Hill. Sleeping Buddha Hill is a combination of 4 small hills that together resemble the position of a sleeping Buddha when viewed from a distance. 


Yadagiri Fort (65 km), Sleeping Buddha (45 km), Basavasagara dam (73 km) are some of the destinations to visit along with Bonal Bird Sanctuary.


Overview Guide

Best Season To Visit

June - November

Famous For

Different species of migratory birds like Purple Heron, White-necked Stork, Black-headed Ibis, Snakebird etc

Places To Stay

The nearest hotels to stay are located at Shorapur City (11Kms from Bonal )

How To Reach

Kalaburagi is the closest Airport ( 130 Kms )

Raichur is the nearest railway station ( 100 Kms )

One can drive from Bengaluru to Bonal which is 512 Kms

Nearby Places

Yadagiri Airport (65Kms), Sleeping Buddha (45 Kms), Kavala Caves (22 Kms) are some of the destinations to visit along with Bonal Bird Sanctuary.


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