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Ramanagara Rock Climbing

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Ramanagara district is known for its giant rocks. Ramadevara betta in Ramanagara attracts adventure seekers and rock climbers. Rock climbing and rappelling activities give a sense of adventure and test one’s endurance and fitness levels.

How to plan rock climbing in Ramanagara:

Several travel companies operate guided tours and rock climbing expeditions to Ramanagara. One can sign up for such activities as rock climbing cannot be done alone or in small groups without expert help and supervision. Check more about Trekking in ramanagara 

Points to note:

  • Avoid monsoons- Monsoon season- June to September is not suitable for climbing due to rains and slippery rocks.
  • Permission needed: Advance permission from the forest department is needed for rock climb in Ramanagara. Your operator will arrange it for you

Places to visit near Ramanagara:  Magadi (36 kms), Kanva Reservoir (18 kms), Big Banyan Tree (30 kms) are some of the nearby attractions to visit along with Melukote.

How to reach Ramanagara: Ramanagara is 60 kms from Bengaluru. Bengaluru airport (100kms) is the nearest airport. Ramanagara is well connected by rail and road network from Bengaluru.

Places to stay near Ramanagara: Budget hotels are available in Ramanagara. Shilhaandara is a luxury resort to stay in Ramanagara. More stay options are available in Kengeri, Bengaluru.

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