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Male Mahadeshwara Hills

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Male Mahadeshwara Hills

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Male Mahadeshwara Hills, MM Hills for short is the abode of Saint Mahadeshwara and a major pilgrim centre in Karnataka dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Male Mahadeshwara Hills is also known as ‘Elu Male’ (Seven Hills). MM Hills range consists of Kongumale, Jenumale, Pachchemale, Anumale, Kanumale, Ponnachimale and Pavalamale.

The Mahadeshwara temple on top of MM Hills is said to be built by a local Kuruba landlord Junje Gowda. The Shiva Linga in MM Hills is believed to be self manifested. Locals believe Male Mahadeshwara Swamy moves around on a tiger, performs miracles and protects them from evil.

Mention of Male Mahadeshwara Hills and temple is found in several folk songs of Karnataka. Look out for words like ‘Elu Male’ and ‘Madeva’ when you hear a folk song or tribal dance.

How to reach: MM Hills is 135 kms from Bengaluru city and 138 kms from Mysuru (nearest airport and railway station). Taxis can be hired from Mysuru to reach MM Hills. Limited bus service is available to reach MM hills but hiring a taxi is recommended.

Stay: Accommodation is available in the nearby town of Kollegala, 72 kms from MM Hills. KSTDC hotel Bharachukki in Shivanasamudra (91 kms), Jungle Lodges & Resorts campus in K-Gudi (120 kms) are good options to play your stay. More options are available at Mysuru city (138 kms)


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