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Gowri Habba

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Gowri Habba

Gowri Habba is a celebration dedicated to Gowri, mother of Lord Ganesha. Gowri Habbà is celebrated one day prior to Ganesha Chaturthi. The two festivals together are often referred to as Gowri Ganesha Habba.


Celebrations and Rituals:

Idol Worship: Gowri Habbà rituals are performed by married women. An idol of Goddess Gowri is established on a mount- either a mantapa or a plate filled with grains. Goddesses are decorated and prayers are offered. Prayers are believed to bring purification to the soul and induce dedication and concentration.

Bagina: A set of giveaways made of traditional items are made. Each set includes packets of turmeric (arishina, yellow in colour), vermilion (kunkuma, red in colour), bangles, beads, blouse piece, coconut, some cereals and sweets such as jaggery. These sets are gifted to married women in the community, as a symbol of sharing happiness and prosperity.

Other celebrations: Buying new dresses, visiting temples, meeting close friends and relatives and cooking exotic food items are integral part of Gauri Habba celebrations. 

Where to witness Gowri Habba: Gowri Habbà is not a public event hence may not be accessible to tourists. However, a glimpse of the celebration can be seen at various temples and streets all over Karnataka during Gowri Habbà and Ganesha Chathurthi.