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Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation or KSTDC attempts to promote tourism in the state of Karnataka. The hotels owned and maintained by KSTDC are comfortable, clean as well as affordable. These are all located in beautiful areas that allow visitors to experience the best of what Karnataka has to offer.

Mayura Pine Top Nandi Hills

The hotel is located in an exotic spot near Nandi Hills and has 17 rooms for travelers to enjoy the beautiful hill station. Nandi Hills is located about 60 kilometers from Bangalore and is a common as well as a popular tourist spot. The hotel has its restaurant and bar which serve excellent meals and drinks that help you unwind after a tedious day of sightseeing.

Mayura Hoysala Mysuru

Mysore is often called the Cultural City or the City of Palaces. It’s astonishing architecture engraved on palaces will overwhelm you. The hotel is located conveniently in the city and is close to the railway station. It is an amazing Heritage building that offers luxurious air-conditioned accommodation in 31 double bedrooms. It also has 10 non-air-conditioned bedrooms and 11 family dormitory rooms. The hotel also includes a garden Cafe, a restaurant, a bar, and a party hall.

Mayura Bhuvaneswari Hampi

Hampi is a city of extraordinary architecture, magnificent sunset inspiring temples and picturesque landscape. The hotel is located around The World Heritage site in Hampi and has 30 air-conditioned rooms that come in three different types. Guests can choose a super deluxe or a semi-deluxe accommodation. Six dormitories are also present. The hotel serves delicious Continental as well as Indian cuisines.

Mayura Valley View Madikeri

Madikeri is the town of beautiful waterfalls, dense forest and clear skies. The hotel is located in a quiet spot that is away from the hustle-bustle of the city. It has 9 air-conditioned deluxe rooms and 6 air-conditioned suites. 12 non-air-conditioned double rooms and 8 non-air-conditioned executive rooms along with one family room are also present. Guests can also enjoy a swimming pool and Spa facilities present in the hotel.

Mayura Riverview Srirangapatna

Srirangapatna is a town of rich culture and heritage. Several rulers have constructed different temples and monuments that enhance the beauty of the town. The numerous palaces, mosques, and forts make Srirangapatna a mysterious city waiting to be explored.

The hotel is located near River Cauvery and has 6 mesmerizing cottages and 26 cozy rooms. It also comes with a restaurant and bar that serve delicious food and drinks.

Kumarakrupa Hotel Bengaluru

The guest house is located comfortably in the rich green forests and ethereal wild beauty. However there is more to Kumarakrupa than the flora, the town has majestic temples and shrines that are worth visiting.

The hotel has cozy rooms, hot water, and impeccable service.

Mayura Adilshahi Vijayapura

The place gets its name from the dynasty of Adil Shah that ruled this area many years ago. The hotel is located close to the Gol Gumbaz, a magnificent piece of architecture. The property has beautiful landscapes along with spacious rooms. It also comes with its restaurant that serves scrumptious meals.

Mayura Krishna Almatti

The Almatti dam located on River Krishna is a popular tourist spot in the Bagalkot district of Vijayapura. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, free WiFi as well as a well-maintained garden. The rooms are comfortable and are divided into 2 suites, 6 cottages, and 12 regular rooms.

Mayura Chalukya Badami

Badami cave is a sight for sore eyes. This mysterious cave in Karnataka is worth a visit. The hotel has 6 air-conditioned deluxe rooms along with 10 air-conditioned semi-deluxe rooms. Apart from this 10 non-air-conditioned rooms are also present.

Mayura Shantala Halebeedu

Halebeedu is the town of magnificent architectural wonders. It was the capital of the Hoysala Dynasty where the Hoysaleswara Temple was erected. The hotel is located very close to the temple and offers the perfect chance to witness rich Indian architecture at its best. The hotel has 3 air-conditioned rooms and 1 four-bedroom.

Mayura Vijayanagara TB Dam

The Tungabhadra Dam is a wonderful piece of technology that serves the whole area and prevents drought. It is worth a visit. Hotel Vijayanagara includes 13 non-air-conditioned double bedrooms and 7 air-conditioned double rooms and is located next to the dam. The property also features a restaurant and a famous beer parlor, perfect for a relaxed afternoon.

Mayura Bharachukki Shivamasamudra

The Shivamasamudra is located in the district of Mandya in Karnataka. It is an awe-inspiring waterfall with segmented pieces of sparkling waterfalls flowing through the valley. The hotel is located close to Bharachukki falls and incorporates the natural beauty of the spot. The property consists of 4 air-conditioned rooms.

Mayura Durg Chitradurga

Chitradurga is located on the Deccan plateau and is the land of warriors and fighters. This ancient city is marked by River Vedavati on one side and River Tungabhadra on the other side. The hotel has 4 dormitories with 8 beds and 8 air-conditioned rooms.

Mayura Velapuri Belur

Belur is the perfect combination of magnificent nature and majestic man-made monuments. On one hand, the relaxing breeze will help you unwind and on the other, the well-crafted monuments will keep motivating you to explore the city. The main attraction is the Hoysala temples and the hotel is located just a few minutes away from this famous architectural wonder. The property has 14 rooms and 2 dormitories.

Mayura Gerusoppa Jogfalls

Jog falls is known for its glistening water crashing elegantly on the pitch-black rocks. More often than not, the waterfall is decorated with a sparkling rainbow. The hotel is located strategically across the falls and allows visitors a perfect view of the waterfalls. It has 11 rooms with different specifications.

Mayura Kauvery KRS ( Brindavan Gardens)

The beautiful concoctions of green trees, colorful flowers, and exotic topiaries have attacted several tourists over the years. The hotel offers a view of the beautiful gardens and has a total of 20 rooms, out of which 5 are air-conditioned.

Mayura Biligiri

Biligiri Rangana Hills has wildlife sanctuaries and exquisite temples. The hotel is located close to the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple and has comfortable rooms.

Hotel Yagachi Belur

It is located in the Hassan district and is adorned by River Yagachi. Its proximity to the Yagachi dam creates a serene and calm atmosphere perfect for a quick getaway. The rooms in the hotel are comfortable and spacious. The service will win your heart and the property has its restaurant which serves scrumptious meals