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Mysore Pak

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Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a popular sweet from Karnataka made primarily from ghee and gram flour. The term ‘Pak’ originated from Paaka, which refers to the sugary syrup used as sweetener in Mysore Pak. 


  • Step 1: Prepare Ghee+ Gram mix: Ghee, a derivative of cow milk is heated on moderate flames till it gets hot. Gram flour is then added to hot ghee, fry continuously for several minutes till the mix turns brownish in colour. Purity of the ghee and preparation process makes all the difference in the taste of Mysore Pak.
  • Step 2: Syrup: Sugar is mixed with water and boiled till it becomes sugar syrup. Ghee+gram flour mix prepared earlier is now added to the syrup and stirred continuously. Mysòre pak is now ready.
  • Step 3: Cooling & Cutting: Final step is to let the Mysòre Pak cool down. It is also cut into smaller pieces for ease of packaging, serving and consumption. 

Other things to know

  • Best of the Mysore Pak is supposed to melt as it is kept in mouth, without having to apply force and crush them.
  • Mysòre Pak is best consumed within a few weeks of preparation. If stored in refrigerated conditions, it can be preserved for a couple of months.

Where to get: Mysore Pak is readily available in most bakeries and sweet shops all across Karnataka. Several restaurants in Karnataka offer Mysòre Pak as one of the dessert items. 

Guru sweets is known to be one of the oldest and authentic sweet shop in Mysuru, run by the descendants of the former cook of the royal courts, Kakasura Madappa.

The entire street of Sayyaji Rao road in Mysuru is filled with sweet shops as well to shop from.