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Chitradurga is one of the 30 districts of Karnataka which is located 200 kms North of Bengaluru. Chitradurga is known to have considerable historical, religious and cultural significance and myths that date back to the Stone Age.

The city has significance to many folk, music, theatre, art and literature. Performing arts such as Kolata, Bhajane, Sobane, Devarapada, Veeragase and Suggipada to name a few are home to the district.

Profound writers like Madhava who penned Madhavalankara, Rangakavi of Virupaksha Shathaka, Babburu Ranga, pioneers of modern Kannada literature like T. S. Venkanaiah, Ta. Su. Shyamaraya, novelist TaRaSu, Sitarama Sastry to name a few, hail from Chitradurga.

Chitradurga is home to one of the most impregnable forts of Karnataka, land of Veera Vanite (brave lady) Onake Obavva, archeological site Chandravalli, Vani Vilas Sagar dam and Jogimatti Wildlife Sanctuary.

Molakalmooru silk fabrics are must buy products from Chitradurga.

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Heritage Sites
  • Chitradurga Fort: Chitradurga Fort was originally built in the 11th century by the then rulers of Chalukya Kingdom. Over time, the fort was under administration of Hoysalas and Vijayanagara Empire. Each of them contributed to expansion and further fortification of the fort. Chitradurga Fort saw active battles as late as the 18th century, during the rule of Hyder Ali and British occupation of India. Chitradurga Fort is an architecture and engineering marvel of its times. Strong network of water reservoirs, canals and tanks ensured the fort never ran out of water supply. Seven rounds of carefully planned fortification were almost impenetrable by enemy forces. Fort campus had enough warehouses to store ammunition, food and other essential supplies in the event of enemy lying seize around the fort.
  • Onake Obavva Kindi: Onake Obavva was the wife of a guard who was responsible for securing Chitradurga fort from enemy soldiers. One day when her husband was away for lunch, Onake Obavva spotted enemy soldiers sneaking into the fort through a narrow hole. She used the ‘Onake’- (a large wooden stub used to pound food grains) to hit on the heads of soldiers coming out of the hole and pulled them aside awaiting the next soldier. This way Onake Obavva single handedly eliminated many enemy soldiers of Hyder Ali delaying their mission. Onake Obavva was eventually overpowered and killed by enemy soldiers but her bravery and sense of alertness won her appreciation from everyone. The hole through which enemy soldiers entered is named “Onake Obavva Kindi'' (Kindi= window). This is a must visit spot and a good photo opportunity in Chitradurga F
  • Chandravalli: Chandravalli is a popular archeological site near Chitradurga city. Chandravalli is known for its monuments and artifacts. Major attractions in Chandravalli are Ankli Matha Caves, ancient coins, ruins of old dams, Paradeshappa Caves, Bhairaveshvara Temple and Tiger Engraved rock.
  • Brahmagiri: A very ancient place with Ashokan edicts, evidence of pre-historic cultures and Trishankeshvara temple.
  • Aimangala: Home to a large fort with three ruined gates and massive walls. Built during the 17th and 18th century and served as a stronghold of Hyder Ali. Virabhadra temple is another important monument in Aimangala
Religious Places
  • Halu Rameshwara: Halu Rameshwara is a small temple in Hosadurga taluk of Chitradurga district. Halu Rameshwara temple is popular for its wishing well or miracle well. Lord Sriram is believed to have worshipped Lord Shiva in this location.
  • Ganesha Temple: Ganesha temple is located in Holalakere, 35 kms from Chitradurga. The 20 ft tall monolithic idol of Lord Ganesha was established here in the 15th century.
  • Nayakanahatti: Nayakanahatti is a village in Chitradurga district, popular for Tipperudra Swamy temple. Tipperudra Swamy was a 15th century spiritual guru who preached principles such as ‘Kayakave Kailasa’ (work is worship).
  • Jatinga Rameshwara: A hill and temple with Ashoka era inscriptions in Molakalmuru taluk. Surya, Veerabhadra and Bhogeshwara are other three small but beautiful temples. Legend has it that Jatinga Rameshwara is the spot where giant bird Jatayu, who attempted to prevent Ravana from kidnapping Seeta, was killed by Ravana through deceit. A set of footprints attributed to Sita and a dedicated temple to Jatayu can be seen.
  • Hiriyur: Home to Terumalleswara temple with interesting mural paintings.
  • Ashoka Siddapura: Home to Surya, Ishwara, Veerabhadra, Bhogeshwara temples and a Jain Basadi.
Tourist Attractions
  • Jogimatti Wildlife Sanctuary: Jogimatti is a popular reserve forest and a hill station near Chitradurga. At an elevation of 1159 meters above mean sea level, Jogimatti is the highest point in Chitradurga district. Jogimatti was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 2015. Animals spotted in Jogimatti include Leopards, Sloth Bears, Indian Pythons, Monitor Lizards, Jackals, Hyenas, Peacocks, Jungle Cats, Porcupine, wild boars etc.
  • Vani Vilas Sagar: Vani Vilas Sagar, also known as Mari Kanive, is a popular dam built across river Vedavathi in Chitradurga district, often visited along with Chitradurga fort. Vani Vilas Sagar was built on the orders of Mysuru Maharajas, for the purpose of irrigation in the central Karnataka region. Water from Vani Vilas Sagar dam aids in watering agriculture products in over 100 square kms of area in nearby villages. Vani Vilas Sagar dam is 405 meters in length, 43.28 meters in height, storage capacity of 30 TMC and catchment area of 5734 sq kms. Vani Vilas Sagar dam was constructed between 1897 and 1907. Along with the dam, nearby park is worth visiting.
  • Molakalmooru: Home to a large reservoir, large number of silk fabric industries and Nunke Bhairava hill. Three Ashoka era edicts were also found in Molakalmooru.
  • Sri Gayatri Reservoir: 16 kms south-west of Hiriyur, a reservoir built across river Survarnamukhi.

Tour Location

Chitradurga is well connected by rail and road network from all over Karnataka. Chitradurga is 200 kms North of Bengaluru.

Vidyanagara airport in Bellary is the closest (140 kms) but Bengaluru airport (225 kms) is the better choice because of higher number of flights.
Chitradurga has a train station with direct trains from Bengaluru.
Chitradurga has excellent bus connectivity from Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka.
Taxis can be hired from Chitradurga to explore regional attractions. Autos are best for local commutes.
Budget: KSTDC Mayura Durga Kamanabavi Extn, Near Fort, Chitradurga, Karnataka 577501 Phone: 081942 34342 GBT Comforts NH Service Rd, JCR Extension, Chitradurga, Karnataka 577501