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Unchalli Falls

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Unchalli Falls, also known as Lushington Falls is a popular waterfall in the Uttara Kannada district’s Sirsi Taluk. River Aghanashini drops 116 meters here creating a magnificent waterfall. Visitors can view it from the viewing deck or hike down the steps to get a closer look from the foot of the waterfalls. Unchalli Falls is the best visited post monsoon season. Unchalli Falls was first discovered by J. D. Lushington, a British officer, way back in 1845. 

How to reach Unchalli Falls:

Unchalli Waterfalls is 440 kms from Bengaluru and 260 kms from Mangaluru. Heggarane is the nearest village (5 kms from Unchalli Falls) and Sirsi (35 kms from Unchalli Falls) is the nearest town. Hubballi is the nearest airport (140 kms). Motorable road exists up to 1 km till waterfalls and the last kilometre needs to be covered on foot. Talaguppa near Sagara and Kumta are the nearest train stations, both approximately 60 kms from Unchalli Falls. Regular buses are available to reach Sirsi from major towns in Karnataka. From Sirsi Unchalli Falls can be reached by hiring a taxi.

Places to visit nearby:

A trip to Unchalli waterfalls can be clubbed with plans to visit other nearby attractions such as Jog Falls (63 kms), Gokarna (80 kms), Murudeshwara (100 kms) or Dandeli (135 kms)

Places to stay near Unchalli Falls:

Sirsi and Siddapura (both 35 kms from Unchalli Falls) are the two nearby towns where you can plan to stay while visiting Unchalli Falls.


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