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Savanadurga is Asia’s largest monolith hill, 50 kms west of Bengaluru city. Savandurga, along with nearby attractions in Ramanagara and Magadi, makes an ideal adventure filled day trip from Bengaluru.

History of Savandurga dates back to the 14th century, where Hoysala king Ballala the 3rd is said to have named the hill Savandi. Later Savandurga was under the command of Kempegowda, Tipu Sultan and the British.

Reasons to visit Savandurga:

  • Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy Temple is located at the base of Savandurga Hill
  • Narasimha Temple
  • Climbing Savandurga Hill: Ruins of forts, built by Kempegowda, Tipu Sultan and other emperors who controlled Savandurga, can be seen on top. Climbing the steep rocks requires extreme care and good fitness. 
  • View from top: View of ever expanding Bengaluru city on one side, hills and forests on the other, Savandurga offers amazing views to those who manage to conquer it.

Places to visit near Savandurga: Manchanabele dam (13 kms), Big Banyan Tree (23 kms), Magadi (13 kms) and Ramadevara Betta (32 kms) are best visited along with Savandurga.

How to reach Savandurga: Savanadurga is 50 kms from Bengaluru city and 90 kms from Bengaluru airport. Savandurga is best reached in your own vehicle or taxi. Bidadi railway station (30 kms) is the closest railway station.

Places to stay near Savandurga: Manchanabele Adventure Resort (12 kms) is the closest stay option from Savanadurga. Shilhaandra Luxury resort is 22 kms from Savanadurga. More stay options are available at Bidadi and Ramanagara on Bengaluru-Mysuru road, 25 to 30 kms from Savanadurga.

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