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Pyramid Valley

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Pyramid Valley

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Pyramid Valley is a spiritual centre south of Bengaluru city, popular for its giant Pyramid shaped meditation centre. 

Major highlights of Pyramid Valley

  • Maitreya Buddha Pyramid:  Main attraction in Pyramid Valley, Maitreya Buddha Pyramid is the world’s largest pyramid built solely for practicing intensive meditation. About 10 stories tall (102 feet in height) and has a base of 160 ft by 160 ft. The Maitreya Buddha pyramid is oriented in the north-south direction, built on principle of the Giza Pyramid and has an inner chamber at one third height.
  • Rocks, Gardens, River and Hills: Pyramid Valley campus has beautiful backdrop of hills, a small river flowing by, nice gardens and rock sculptures
  • Spiritual programs: Meditation classes, retreats and other programs are held in Pyramid valley from time to time

Visiting hours: Pyramid Valley is open to visitors from 9 AM till 6 PM.

 How to reach:

Pyramid Valley is 40 kms south of Bengaluru city. Bengaluru International Airport is 80 kms away. Bengaluru city is the nearest railway station. Pyramid Valley is best reached by hiring a taxi from Bengaluru.

Stay: Pyramid valley campus has paid accommodation facilities both in budget and luxury category. More hotel options are available in Bengaluru city.

Official website: https://pyramidvalley.org/

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