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Mohamud Gawan Madrasa

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Mohamud Gawan Madrasa

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Madrasa-e-Mahmad Gawan or the madrasa of Mohamud Gawan is an ancient Islamic institute in Bidar. Mohamud Gawan Madrasa was built in Indo-Islamic style in 15th century during the rule of Bahmani Sultans. 

History: Mohamud Gawan was a Persian trader who came to Delhi from Iran and later moved to Bidar in South India. Mahmad Gawan was made the prime minister of Bahmani Kingdom. 

Mohamud Gawan felt the need for an educational institute of excellence and built the madrasa with his own funds. The spacious campus, iconic building and facilities offered in the madrasa were of international standards of its times. Mohamud Gawan Madrasa was built in 1472.

Highlights of Mohamud Gawan Madrasa: 

  • A high basement of 62.53 by 54.9 sq meters
  • Large gateway
  • Two lofty towers (about 50.5 meters tall)
  • Façade made with coloured tiles, floral devices in green, yellow and white colours.
  • 36 classrooms
  • Large and impressive library with 3000 volumes of manuscripts
  • A laboratory
  • Boarding facilities for students and staff
  • Art work and Architectural excellence with quotes from Quran.

How to reach: Mohamud Gawan Madrasa is within Bidar city limits, accessible by walk or auto/taxi. Bidar is 690 kms from Bengaluru. Bidar has both air and rail connectivity. 

Stay: Bidar city has budget, mid range and luxury hotels.

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