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Microflight Flying in Bengaluru

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Did you know you can fly an airplane in Bengaluru? It is possible at Jakkur Aerodrome, without requiring any license.

What are Micro Flights:

Microlight aeroplanes are small two seater planes meant for a pilot and trainee/passenger. ZenAir and Xair are the two popular microlight models used by aviation companies in Bengaluru.

How can I fly:

Micro light plane operators allow joy rides. Individuals can book a slot and fly with the pilot. During the ride the basics of flying will be explained to the passenger and passengers will be allowed to perform some simple maneuvers like making a turn, increase/decrease of altitude etc.

Where is Micro Flight Flying in Bengaluru:

Microlight flying is conducted at Jakkur Aerodrome, off airport road in North Bengaluru

Micro Flight flying duration:

A typical flight experience lasts for 10-15 minutes including taxiing time. Time in the air could be around 7-10 minutes. Exact flight duration may vary depending on package purchased and other factors such as weather.

Other points to note: Weight restrictions may apply. Kids are not allowed to fly. Shoe is recommended. Flight is subject to favorable weather, visibility and ATC clearance. Photography/videography restrictions may apply due to security reasons. Early morning is the best time to fly micro light planes due to favorable wind conditions.

Cost of Micro Flight Flying in Bengaluru:

A short session may cost approximately INR 3000-5000 depending on operator and flight duration.

Where to book Micro Flight flying adventure: Contact micro light operators to check availability and book slots. Check https://www.myflying.in/ or http://www.agniaero.com/

How to reach Jakkur Aerodrome:

Jakkur Aerodrome is 22 kms from Bengaluru airport and 15 kms from Bengaluru city railway station. From Bengaluru city Jakkur can be reached using public transport or auto/taxi. 

Places to stay near Jakkur Aerodrome:

Lots of stay options are available in Hebbal and Yelahanka area on the outskirts of Bengaluru.


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