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Located in Kanakapura Taluk, it is an ideal spot for one-day outings. Sangama is the confluence of Cauvery and Akravati rivers. Nearby is a Shiva Temple locally called as Sangameshwara Temple. From here, trek 5 km to Mekedatu, amidst dense green forest and majestic hills, while you listen to the thunderous roar of the Cauvery River, as well as the sweet chirping of birds. Here the Cauvery River passes through a narrow crevice where it is believed that even goats could leap across; hence the name Mekedątu (Goat’s leap).


Mekedatu can be visited between 8.30 AM and 5.30 PM on all days. Boat and bus services stop after 5.30 and the public are not allowed to stay back in Mekedątu.


Mekedatu and Sangama may be inaccessible during monsoon months due to dangerous water levels. October to March will be the best season to visit Mekedątu. Beware of slippery surfaces and sharp rocks. Swimming is not recommended in the region.

How to reach Mekedatu:

Mekedatu is 100 kms from Bengaluru and 112 kms from Mysuru (Mysuru airport is the closest but visiting via Bengaluru is likely to be more practical). Public transport is available till Sathanur (30 kms from Mekedątu) from where taxis can be hired to visit Sangama/Mekedątu. Alternatively one can reach Sangama and from Sangama reach Mekedatu using a boat ride and bus ride

Places to stay near Mekedatu:

KSTDC runs Hotel Mayura Sangama Mekedątu at Sangama. Galibore Nature Camp operated by Jungle Lodges & Resorts is 9 kms from Sangama.

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