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Jalasangvi is an ancient village near Humnabad in Bidar district. Jalasangvi was the capital of King Virata and Pandava brothers are believed to have spent time here during their exile.

Kalyana Chalukya Temple: On the banks of a tank in Jalasangvi, a Kalyana Chalukya temple with Eshwara as main deity is in ruins. Kalyana Chalukya Temple of Jalasąngvi was built during King Vikramaditya the sixth, a prominent Chalukya Emperor. Outer walls of Kalyana Chalukya Temple in Jalasąngvi features beautiful sculptures, including several representations of ‘shilabalikes’ (carvings of female dancers) in various dancing postures, complete with ornaments. Sculpture of a lady depicted as inscribing a Sanskrit epigraph in Kannada characters describing Emperor Vikramadiya. Sculptures of Jalasângvi are believed to have inspired sculptures at Beluru and Halebeedu temples. 

Nearby:  Basavakalyan (34 kms), Veerabhadreshwara Temple in Humnabad (12 kms), Bidar Fort (46 kms) are other nearby places to visit along with Jalasangvi.

How to reach: Jalasangvi is 700 kms from Bengaluru and 45 kms from district capital Bidar. Bidar is the nearest airport (42 kms away). Humnabad is the nearest railway station (12 kms away). Buses are available to reach Jalasąngvi from Bidar and Humnabad.

Stay: Hotels are available in Humnabad, 12 kms from Jalasângvi.


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