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Davanagere district was formed in 1997 carving out portions of Shivamogga, Ballari and Chitradurga districts. Davanagere is in the centre of Karnataka, 260 kms north-west of Bengaluru. Davanagere was initially known as “Devanagiri” which then changed to “Davanagere”. Davanagere is popular for the textile industry.

Davanagere Cotton Mills is a very popular name and is thus known for its cotton yield and cotton mills.

Davanagere Benne Dose is a sought after breakfast delicacy not to be missed when in Davanagere and the sweet dish named Udyogare which is specifically made only in Davanagere which one should not miss.

Shantisagara, Rangayyanadurga Four Horned Antelope Sanctuary, Ranebennur blackbuck sanctuary, UchangiDurga, Harihara and Thirtharameshwara are Davanagere’s most popular tourist attractions.

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  • Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary: Rannebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary is a 119 sq km reserve forest for conservation of blackbucks, 31 kms from Harihara.
  • Rangayyanadurga Four Horned Antelope Sanctuary: Rangayyanagurga four horned antelope sanctuary was established in June 2017 covering an area spanning 77.24 sq kms in Jagalur Taluk of Davanagere district. Rangayyanadurga is home to some of the few surviving wild populations of endangered four horned antelopes. (Scientific name: Tetracerus Quadricornis). Four horned antelopes were the targets of intense hunting hence are protected under Wildlife protection act 1972. Hyenas, Jungle cats, Pangolin, Sloth Bears, Wild boars and Leopards are major animals seen in Rangayyanadurga Four Horned Antelope Sanctuary while frequently spotted birds are Golden backed woodpecker, pigeons, Jungle crow, Myna, Sparrow, Bulbul and Peacocks.
Tourist Attractions
  • The Kunduwada Lake & Glasshouse: Popular picnic spot for people of Davanagere
  • Kondajji: A lake and picnic spot 15 kms from Harihara.
  • Shantisagara: Shantisagara, with a surface area of 27 sq kms, is said to be Asia’s second largest lake. Shantisagara is a man-made lake built in 11th or 12th century AD by Princess Shantavva after whom the lake is named. Shantisagara was formerly known as ‘Sulekere’ and provides drinking water to adjacent districts. Veerabhadreshwara Temple, Kali Temple, Sri Siddheshwara Temple and Sri Krishna temple are major temples near Shantisagara. Boating facility is available.
  • Uchangi Durga: Uchangi Durga is one of the oldest forts in Karnataka now in ruins. Uchangi got its name from nearby Uchangemma temple. Unchangi Durga is worth visiting for the view it offers. The old fort is in ruins but several gateways, watch towers and bastions are still intact. Uchangi Durga Fort was built in the fourth century and was under the rule of several kingdoms including Kadambas, Chalukyas, Hyder Ali and Nayaks. Uchangi Durga is believed to have its peak prosperity under the Nayaks of Chitradurga, Thimmappa Nayaka in particular.
  • Belagutti: Has remains of a fort and an old Siddeshwara temple
  • Chennagiri: Popular for an old hill fort, built by Queen Chennammaji. The hilltop fort has a temple of Bete Ranganathaswami and offers splendid views
  • Honnali: Has an old fort in ruins and Mallikarjuna T Honnali is believed to have had a gold mine in the past.
  • Kuruva Island: 10 kms south-east of Honnali, Kuruvada Gadde is an island in Tungabhadra river with Rameshwara temple
  • Santhebennur: Popular for a highly artistic pushkarini (pond), 90 square meters in area with a Vasantha Mantapa at the centre.
Religious Places
  • Durgamma and Veerabhadra Temples: Two old temples in Davanagere town.
  • Harihara: Harihara is a taluk hq and temple town on the banks of Tungabhadra river. A stopover at Harihara is highly recommended while traveling between Davanagere and Ranebennur. Major temples are Harihareshwara temple, Ayyappa Temple, Basilica of our lady of health church
  • Rajanahalli: 6 kms from Harihara, home to Bannimahakali Temple, Amba Bhavani temple and Valmiki Gurupeetha
  • Thirtharameswara: Thirtharameswara temple in Honnali taluk is popular for its natural spring of holy water. Thirtharameshwara is one of the few temples with a shrine dedicated to Lord Brahma.
  • Bagali: Known for Kalyana Chalukya era Kalleshwara temple
  • Anekonda: Known for a beautiful hoysala style Ishwara temple
  • Anagod: Known for Siddeshwara temple
  • Balleshwara: Known for Hoysala era Ballala Lingeshwara temple on the banks of Tungabhadra river.
  • Harapanahalli: Known for Venkataramanaswami Temple, an old fort in ruins, and its valley-like region surrounded by small hills.
  • Hodigere: Known for Tomb of Shahji Bhonsale, father of Chatrapati Shivaji
  • Joladhalu: A pilgrimage centre with Amba Bhavani temple (also known as Kukkvadamma Renuka). The deity is seated on a lion with a trishula and drum in her hands.
  • Kalkere: A horse shoe shaped valley with Balleshwara, Kalleshwara and Hanumantharaya temples
  • Mayakonda: Known for Obala Narasimha temple and Keshava temple
  • Nanditavare: Home to Amrita Manikyeshwara temple built in Hoysala style
  • Nilagunda: Home to a small, incomplete but very beautiful Bhimeshwara temple built in Chalukyan style. The village is also known for Anathashayana and Lakshminarayana temples built in soapstone.
  • Musafirkhana Mosque: A fine granite mosque in Santhebennur.
  • Shankaranahalli: Home to Ranganathaswami temple, locally known as Tiruvengalanatha. The Vijayanagara Era design is an exact replica of temples in Mayakonda.

Tour Location

Davanagere is well connected by rail and road network from all over Karnataka. Davanagere is 262 kms north-west of Bengaluru.

Jindal Vijayanagara airport is the closest airport to Davanagere (134 kms) but has limited flights. Hubballi is the next closest airport 160 kms away. Bengaluru and Mangaluru are these well connected international airports, both about 270-280 kms from Davanagere.
Davanagere is connected by rail to Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli.
Davanagere has excellent bus connectivity from major cities of Karnataka.
Taxis can be hired in Davanagere, Harihara, Honnali, Channagiri or Harapanahalli to explore local attractions.
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