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Thousand Pillars Temple

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Saavira Kambada Basadi (Thousand Pillars temple) is the most prominent of the 18 Jain temples in Moodubidiri town, Karnataka. The finest of these is the 15th-century Chandranatha Basadi, also known as the Thousand Pillars Basadi. The uniqueness of this basadi, is that no two pillars are identical. Official name is Tribhuvana Thilaka Chudamani temple. Jain tirthankara Chandraprabha is the main deity in the thousand pillars temple. Moodabidri is known as the “Jain Varanasi” of South India. The basadis or Jain temples are found all over Dakshina Kannada district but the basadis here have greater significance and are considered as most ornate. Along with Venur and Dharmastala Moodabidri is one of the main centres of Jain pilgrimage in Dakshina Kannada.

History & Design: The Thousand Pillars Temple was built in the 15th century by local ruler Devaraya Wadiyar. Temple was renovated in 1962. Each of the thousand pillars is dotted with exquisite rock carvings. Interesting fact about the pillars is, it is believed that no two pillars are said to be alike. The perfection of the stone carvings, the symmetry and intrinsic details will leave visitors in awe of this marvelous and detailed architecture.The 50 ft tall monolith Mahasthamba (Giant Pillar), a common feature in all Jain temples, is erected in front of the thousand pillars temple.

Thousand Pillars Temple complex has 3 storeys and Seven Mantapas (porch-like structure). The ground floor is built in stones while the first and second floor are wooden structures. The Garbhagriha (inner sanctum) of the temple features an 8 foot tall idol of the 8th Jain Thirthankara Chandranatha Swamy, which is known to be made of the 5 different elements (Pancha Dhatu).

Places to visit near 1000 Pillars Temple,Moodbidri: Karkala (20 kms), Udupi (52 kms), Mangaluru (35 kms), Dharmasthala (51 kms) are the other major destinations in coastal Karnataka not too far from Moodubidri.

How to reach 1000 Pillars Temple,Moodbidri: Moodubidiri is 351 kms from Bengaluru but just 37kms from Mangaluru which has the nearest airport and railway station. Frequent local buses are available to reach Moodubidri from Mangaluru city.

Places to stay near 1000 Pillars Temple,Moodbidri: Multiple budget and mid range hotels are available in Moodbidri town. Mangaluru town has more luxury options.


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