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St Mary’s Church

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St Mary’s Church

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Built in 1869, St Mary’s Church is built from Gokak pink stones in gothic style. The beautifully designed St Mary’s church was commissioned by the governor of Bombay Presidency and is located in the cantonment area in Belagavi city.

Key highlights of St Mary’s Church, Belagavi

  • St Mary’s Church is positioned facing west, such that sunlight filters through the stained glass windows in the morning. This creates a colourful effect during morning mass (service)
  • Teak and Marble altar
  • 20 feet tall, 8 feet wide made in Italy glass collage forms a spectacular background to the altar. The intrinsic art works on the 12 glass frames depict Jesus Christ’s life and times.
  • Curved arches, pillars and a canopy roof command instant appreciation.
  • Huge Rose petal shaped windows on stone walls

Timing: St Mary’s Church in Belgaum is open from 9 AM till 7 PM,

Nearby: Belagavi Fort (4 kms), Dandeli (88 kms), Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary (40 kms), Gokak Falls (60 kms) and Hidkal Reservoir (50 kms) are some of the attractions to visit near Belagavi.

How to reach: St Mary’s Church is 507 kms from Bengaluru and 3 kms from Belagavi city centre. Belagavi has an airport, railway station and good bus service from Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka. Auto can be hired to reach St Mary’s Church from any part of Belagavi city.

Stay: Belagavi city has a wide range of hotel options.

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