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Navagraha Jain Temple

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Navagraha Jain Temple

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Also known as Navagraha Theertha, Navagraha Jain Temple is an important Jain pilgrim centre in North Karnataka, located near the city of Hubballi.

Navagraha Jain Temple features an 18.6 meter tall statue of Jain spiritual leader Shri Bhagavan Parshvanatha. This statue is made from a single piece of stone and is accompanied by smaller statues of 8 other Jain Tirthankaras. Each statue is given the name of a planet. The statue of Parshvanatha weighs a massive 185 tons and is built on a raised platform with petal shaped edges. Combined height of the pedestal and statue is 33.2 meters.

Navagraha Jain Temple was inaugurated in 2009.

Nearby:  Lakkundi (85 kms), Dandeli (80 kms) and ISKCON Temple Dharwad (28 kms) are some nearby places to visit along with Navagraha Jain Temple.

How to reach Navagraha Jain Temple: Navagraha Jain Temple is located at a village called Varur, 17 kms from Hubballi city and 394 kms from Bengaluru. Hubballi city has the closest airport and railway station. Hubballi taxis can be hired to reach Navagraha Jain Temple. Buses are also available.

Stay: A Yatri Nivas lodge is available 6 kms from Navagraha Jain Temple. Hubballi city (17 kms away) has budget, mid range and luxury hotels.

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