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Masjid Zeenath Baksh

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Masjid Zeenath Baksh

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Masjid Zeenath Baksh, constructed in 644 AD, is Karnataka’s oldest mosque and 3rd oldest mosque in all of India. Because of its link with Prophet Mohamed, Masjid Zeenath Baksh carries immense significance.

History: Masjid Zeenath Baksh was built during the era of Arab traders who visited Arabian coast for trading purposes. Local rulers such as Raja Cheruman Perumal of Malabar maintained cordial relationships with foreign traders. Arab Muslim traders, who were relatives of Prophet Mohamed built the mosque for the religious activities of their community.

Highlights of Masjid Zeenath Baksh:

  • Life Stories of Prophet Mohamed are portrayed inside the mosque.
  • Wooden inner sanctum with 16 teakwood pillars, decorated with various artistic symbols, flowers, bells and design patterns.
  • Influence of Tipu Sultan: Mysuru ruler Tipu Sultan renovated the mosque in the 17th century and named it after his own daughter, Zeenath Baksh.
  • Rosewood carved designs: Masjid Zeenath Baksh features impressive walls, doors and floors decorated with rosewood and teakwood designs.

How to reach: Masjid Zeenath Baksh 344 kms from Bengaluru and 14 kms from Mangaluru. Managaluru is the nearest airport and railway station. Auto or taxi can be hired from Mangaluru to reach Masjid Zeenath Baksh located in Bunder area.

Stay: Mangaluru city has budget, mid range and luxury hotels.

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