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Koppal is a district in north Karnataka, home to historic sites such as Anegundi and Itagi. Koppal is referred to as the “Rice Bowl City” of Karnataka. Koppal is about 355 kms from Bengaluru and is the closest district headquarters to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi.

Koppal’s history dates back to 3rd century BC as various edicts of Samrat Ashoka’s era are found in Koppal district. Koppal is also known for wooden idols crafted in Kinhal, weaving industry, pottery and comb making.

Geographically, Koppal is a stretch of rocky terrain on one side and acres of dry land on the other wherein agricultural crops like Jowar, Ground-nuts etc are grown. Interestingly, farmers here still continue to practice the old irrigation methods such as ploughing using bullock-carts which is something that is not common off late with advancement in agricultural practices and technology.

Gangavathi Pranesh is a popular Kannada comedian who hails from Koppal district. Phalguna annual fair in Kanakagiri and Anegundi Utsava are two popular celebrations in Koppal district.

For further information, visit the official district website click here!

  • Kishkinda Water Park: A water sports and theme park in Anegundi.
  • Picnic near Munirabad: Vast water spread of Tungabhadra reservoir in Munirabad and Japanese type ornamental garden are ideal for family outings and picnics.
Heritage Sites
  • Koppal Fort: One of the strongest forts in Karnataka, acquired and fortified by Tipu Sultan in 1786
  • Palkigundu Ashoka Inscription: 3 kms from Koppal city, 2300 years old inscriptions on two giant boulders with a flat rock on top, resembling a palanquin.
  • Anegundi: Anegundi is a historic town on the other side of Tungabhadra River at Hampi, also part of Hampi UNESCO World Heritage site. Anegundi, also known as Kishkinda has several historic monuments and is often visited along with Hampi. Major highlights are Anjanadri Hill, Anegundi Fort, Gagan Mahal, Sanapur lake, Pampa Sarovara, Tomb of Krishnadevaraya etc.
Religious Places
  • Kuknur: Kuknur is a village 6 kms north of Itagi, popular for its Navalinga Temple. Navalinga Temple complex was built in the 9th century during the rule of King Amoghavarsha of Rashtrakuta dynasty.
  • Itagi: Itagi is a popular village in Koppal district, known for its Mahadeva T Itagi’s Mahadeva Temple is a 12th century design marvel and a must visit in the central Karnataka region. Mahadeva Temple has thirteen shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva and constructed in Chalukya style architecture. One of the inscriptions found in the 12th century designates Itagi Mahadeva Temple as “Emperor among temples'' signifying it was a grand and popular Temple during its time in the region.
  • Kanakagiri: Kanakagiri in Koppal district is a village popular for its 16th century Kanaka Chalapathi temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Kanakagiri was formerly known as Suvarnagiri and the name literally translates to Hill of Gold. Kanakagiri was the capital city of the southern part of the Maurya empire that ruled Indian subcontinent between the 4th and 2nd century BC. Do not miss the royal baths in the outskirts of the city.
  • Huligemma Temple: a 13th century temple, 24 kms from Koppal city, on the banks of Tungabhadra River.
  • Gavimath Shrine: Located inside Koppal city, another rock inscription of Ashoka edict.
  • Nava Brindavana: Small island in Tungabhadra river, houses tombs of 9 saints.
  • Gangavathi: Has an agricultural research institute and Virupaksha temple.
  • Kinhal: A town 13 kms from Koppal, known for making wooden idols, toys and theatrical equipment.

Tour Location

Koppal is 361 kms from Bengaluru and 120 kms from Hubballi.
Jindal Vijayanagara airport in Ballary airport is the closest airport to Koppal (70 kms away).
Koppal has a railway station and is well connected by train.
Koppal has KSRTC and private bus connectivity from Bengaluru and other major cities in Karnataka.
Taxis can be hired from major towns such as Koppal, Anegundi, Gangawati, Kushtagi etc to explore local attractions. Anegundi is often accessed via coracle ride from Hampi.
Koppal district has adequate hotel options for visiting tourists. KSTDC Mayura Bhuvaneshwari Kamalapur (Hampi, Ballary district) and Kishkinda Heritage Resort are two recommended places near Anegundi. Hotel Shilpa Grand and Grand Palace Residency, Koppal are the popular hotels in Koppal town.