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Haveri is a district in central Karnataka, with equal distance from Bidar in the North and Kollegal in the South. Haveri is derived from two Kannada words ‘Havu’-meaning ‘snake’ and ‘keri’-meaning ‘the landing of snakes’.  Haveri was carved out from Dharawada district in 1997 and is about 340 kms North of Bengaluru. Haveri has six taluks and borders with Ballary, Dharawada, Gadag, Davanagere, Uttara Kannada and Shivamogga districts. Haveri is well known for its rich culture and heritage and is considered as the gateway to North Karnataka.

Haveri is the birth place of several prominent personalities such as Santa Shishunala Sharif, Kanaka Dasa and Sarvajna. Haveri is also home to several renowned writers such as Gnyana Peetha Awardee Dr.V.K.Gokak, freedom fighters such as Gudleppa Hallikere who later on built a school by the name Gandhi Grameen Gurukul in Hosaritti. The famed singer Gangubai Hanagal also hails from Haveri district.

Haveri is known for its wildlife attractions such as Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary & Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary, as well as multiple spots of historical significance. Spicy hot red chilis grown in Bydagi are extremely popular. Blankets made in Airani are popular in the region. Haveri is best avoided during summer as the heat rises to high levels in all of North Karnataka.

Haveri cuisine is similar to most of North Karnataka cuisine which inlcudes jolada roti (corn-flour roti), bajra roti, kuchagadabu (a kind of ladoo) and holige (sweet roti) and are some must-try, delicious cuisines when you visit Haveri.

For further information, visit the official district website click here!

Heritage Sites
  • Hanagal: Hanagal town in Haveri district is popular for its temples and historical significance. Hanagal was the capital of a branch of Kadamba rulers. More than 200 inscriptions have been found in Hanagal dating back to the 12th and 13th
  • Airani: 24 kms west of Ranebennur, Airani has a ruined fort, a Veerashiva Matha and also locally manufactured blankets (Kambali).
  • Savanur: Home to an 18th century fort and palace constructed by Nawab Abdul Majid Khan. Savanur is also known for gigantic tamarind trees and multiple Hindu temples.
Religious Places
  • Haveri: District headquarters Haveri is also home to Siddeshwara temple, Ugranarasimha Temple, St Anne’s Church and Veerashaiva Matha.
  • Kaginele: Kaginele is known for Sangameshwara temple, Dargah of Adam Shafi and Adikeshava temple, Kanaka Guru Peetha and Kanakadasa Brindavana.
  • Bankapura: A popular resort of Jain teachers in ancient times, home to Siddeshwara temple and Nageshwara temple.
  • Byadagi: Home to multiple temples including Siddheshwara temple, Kamaleshwara temple, Veerabhadra, Durgadevi and Basavanna temple and Jangim Khan Dargah. Byadagi is well known for its red chilies
  • Choudadanapura: Popular for Mukteshwara temple complex.
  • Devaragudda: Popular for Mailara temple.
  • Guttal: Home to St James Church
  • Galaganatha: Famed Galaganatha temple of Kalyana Chalukya style.
  • Rattahalli: Popular for Kadambeshwara temple, showcasing some of the finest Kalyana Chalukya era monuments.
  • Satenahalli: Home to the popular Shatensha (Anjaneya) temple, located 40 kms from Ranebennur.
  • Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary: The Blackbuck Sanctuary in Ranebennur, Haveri district was set up in 1974 to protect the precious blackbuck population in the region. Ranebennur blackbuck sanctuary is spread over 119 square kms which includes a 15 sq km core zone and a 104 sq km buffer zone. Tourism activities are allowed in the buffer zone.
  • Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary: Bankapura is one of the only two peacock sanctuaries in Karnataka. The other one is in Adichunchanagiri, Tumkur. Peacock is India’s national bird. Spread over 139 acres, visitors are almost always guaranteed to spot a Peacock given their vast numbers in Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary.
  • Shiggaon: Shiggaon in Haveri is famous for Utsav Rock Garden, an indoor and outdoor sculpture garden. Utsav Rock garden showcases village life of North Karnataka as well as local art and handicrafts. Another popular attraction in Shiggaon is Santa Shishunala Sharif Sannidhi.
  • Bada: Bada in Haveri district is known for Kanakadasa Palace, built in memory of Kanaka Dasa, a 16th century poet, philosopher and musician who was born here.
  • Shishunala: Shishuvinahala village in Haveri is the birthplace of Santa Shishunala Sharifa, a 19th century social reformer, philosopher and poet.
  • Abalur: Abalur in Haveri is the birth place of Sarvajna, a respected Kannada poet. Abalur also has a Nandi temple.
  • Hole Aneveri: Tungabhadra and Kumudwathi rivers merge here. Rameshwara temple and Banashankari temples are worth visiting.

Tour Location

Haveri is well connected by rail, road and air. Haveri is 340 kms from Bengaluru.
Hubballi is the nearest airport (86 kms).
Haveri has a railway station providing connectivity from Bengaluru, Hubballi, Belagavi, etc
Haveri has excellent bus connectivity from all parts of Karnataka.
Taxi can be hired from major towns such as Haveri, Ranebennur, Hirekerur, Savanur, Byadagi etc to explore local attractions.
Haveri district has adequate hotel options for visiting tourists. Kadlis Hotel Ashoka, Hotel Shiva Shakti Palace, Sri Sai Residency are the popular private hotels in Haveri town.