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Godachinamalki Falls

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Located around 15 km away from Gokak is the beautiful Godachinmalki Falls, also known as Markandeya Falls, as it is located in the Markandeya River. Godachinamalki Falls is actually located in a rugged valley, approachable from Godachinmalki village by walking through an irregular forest route for about 2.5 km. The Markandeya takes the first jump from a height of about 25 metres and flows into a rocky valley and after a short distance from here, it takes a second jump from a height of about 18 metres. Later, it joins the Ghataprabha River. June to September is the ideal time to visit this Falls in all its glory.

Highlights of the Falls:

  • Breathtaking view: The large open valley, mist forming by roaring waterfall makes Godachinamalki a visual treat
  • Trekking opportunity: Though accessible by road, trekking the last few kilometres from Godachinamalki village till the falls is a popular activity.

Best season to visit: July to October is the best season to visit Falls as water levels will be high and experience will be at its best.

Nearby: A visit to Godachinamalki falls can also be extended to include Gokaka falls (14 kms) and Hidkal Reservoir (22 kms).

How to reach: Godachinamalki Falls is 538 kms from Bengaluru and 51 kms from district capital Belagavi. Belagavi is the nearest airport and Pachapur (9 kms away) is the nearest railway station. Taxi can be hired from Belagavi or Pachapur to reach Godachinamalki Falls 

Stay: Hotels and home-stays are available in Gokak (18 kms). Belagavi city (51 kms) has more options.


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