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Gadag district is known for its printing presses and publication houses. Gadag was carved out of Dharawada district in 1997. Gadag is 390 kms north of Bengaluru.

Lakkundi, Dambal, Kannur, Naragunda, Gajendragad and Lakshmeshwar are the main historic centres in Gadag. Lakkundi Utsava is a popular annual event in Gadag.

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Heritage Sites
  • Naragunda: Naragund in Gadag district is famous for Naragund fort built by Chatrapati Shivaji during 1675. Naragund is 47 kms from Gadag city.
  • Gajendragad Fort: 55 kms from Gadag, second largest city in Gadag, popular for Shivaji fort and Kalakaleshwara temple.
  • Sudi: 50 kms from Gadag, home for several chalukya era monuments and twin towered Mallikarjuna temple
Religious Places
  • Trikuteshwara Temple: Also called as ‘Swayambhu Ishwara’ and ‘Tripurusha’, Trikuteshwara temple was built in 1002 A.D in Kalyana Chalukya style architecture. Temple has 42 pillars and displays rare artwork from the Chalukya and Hoysala era.
  • Veeranarayana Temple: Another major temple in Gadag city, a beautiful display of Chalukya, Vijayanagara and Hoysala era sculptures. Garbhagruha and the top tower of the temple are models of Chalukyan style. GarudaGamba and Rangamantapa are designed in Hoysala style sculptures. The main entrance of Sri Veeranarayana temple is in Vijaynagara style.
  • Lakkundi: Lakkundi is a town full of ancient temples, step wells and historic inscriptions. Lakkundi is popular for Brahma Jinalaya, Kashi Vishwanatha temple, Nanneshwara temple, 101 step wells and ancient inscriptions. Lakkundi Utsava (festival) is an annual festival held in the town of Lakkundi, near Gadag in north Karnataka. Lakkundi Utsava falls in February/March every year. Attending Lakkundi Utsava will enable visitors to experience a wide range of cultural performances, dance and art forms of Karnataka in one place. Applications are invited from individuals and teams looking to exhibit their talents on stage and curated artists and performers entertain visitors and unveil Karnataka’s cultural heritage. Lakkundi Development Authority supervises organization of Lakkundi festival.
  • Dambal: 23 kms from Gadag, home for the 12th century Doddabasappa temple.
  • Rona: 40 kms from Gadag, Rona is home to several historic temples.
  • Hombal: Popular for Shankara temple of Kalyana Chalukya era
  • Konnur: Popular for Parameshvara and Rameshvara temples
  • Lakshmeshwara: Home to Lakshmaneshwara temple, Someshwara temple, Jamma Masjid
  • Bheeshma Kere: Bheeshma kere is a lake with recreational activities right inside Gadag town. Statues of Gangadevi and Basavehwara are located in Bheeshma Kere. Boating is a must try activity in Bheeshma kere.
  • Kappata Gudda: 30 kms from Gadag, a medium size hill (750 meters in height).
  • Singatalur: Singatalur is a village on the banks of Tungabhadra River, 57 kms from Gadag city, known for its Veerabhadreshwara temple and a watch tower that offers great view of the river.
  • Shirahatti: home to The Fakir Swamy Matha and Avvalingavva Matha

Tour Location

Gadag is 390 kms from Bengaluru and 63 kms from Hubballi.

Hubballi is the nearest airport (63 kms from Gadag)
Gadag has its own railway station and is well connected by train.
Gadag has KSRTC and private bus connectivity from Bengaluru and other major cities in Karnataka.
Taxi can be hired from major towns such as Gadag, Lakkundi, Naragunda and Gajendragad to explore local attractions.
Gadag has several budget and mid-range hotel options. Keshav Clarks Inn, Shivarathna Palace, Geetanjali Residency, Nakshatra Comforts and Hotel Mourya are popular budget hotels in Gadag town.