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Chikmagaluru is known as the coffee district of Karnataka and is a famous place among the coffee enthusiasts. Filled with stunning hills and valleys, this serene town in the laps of nature is a must visit for anyone who loves a good stay amidst nature.  The place offers a lot of activities from trekking to Mullayanagiri to river rafting in the Bhadra river and is also great for solo travelers yearning for a getaway from the hustle bustle of the city life and comes as a breath of fresh air because of its undiscovered lands.

It is also a trekker’s delight due to its rugged mountain trails, numerous hills, valleys and freshwater streams and home to several hills including the tallest peak of Karnataka which is the Mullayanagiri Peak.

Explore the many wildlife sanctuaries, ancient temples and forts nearby the place. Enjoy the walk through the coffee plantations or catch a magnificent sunset. Experience the best of the Western Ghats here in Chikkamagalur

Places To Visit Near Chikmagaluru: Sringeri (90 Kms), Kalhatti Falls (54 Kms), Mullayanagiri Peak (25 Kms), Belavadi (30 Kms) are some of the attractions to visit along the place.

How To Reach:

By Air: Mangalore is the closest airport (80 Kms)

By Train: Kadur Junction is the nearest railway station (40 Kms)

By Road: One can drive down from Bengaluru which is 250 Kms

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