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Chamarajanagar was previously known by the name ‘Arikotta’ and was the birthplace of the Wodeyar King, Chamaraja Wodeyar. The district was named after him.

Chamarajanagar is 180 kms from Bengaluru and borders Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Chamarajanagar is a district blessed with plentiful wildlife. Bandipura National Park, BR Hills, Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, Male Mahadeshwara Hills are some of the major hills/wildlife attractions in Chamarajanagar.

Mahashivaratri is a well celebrated festival in Chamarajanagara. Chamarajanagar is home to several tribal communities including Betta Kurubas, Yerawas and Soligas. Kamsale dance is a popular local tradition and art form of Chamarajanagar.

An overnight stay in Jungle Lodges & Resorts K Gudi campus gives you a very unique experience of staying right inside the forest.

For further information, visit the official district website click here!

Nature & Wildlife
  • Bandipura National Park: Bandipura National Park and Tiger Reserve is home to the second highest tiger population in India. It is mainly known for wild elephants spotting and is always a treat to watch them. The other commonly spotted wild animals in Bandipur include tigers, wild dogs, wild boar, elephants, sloth bears, panther, sambar, chital, giant malabar squirrels, gaurs, antelope and different types of deers. Forest Safari is conducted by the Forest Department twice daily. Visitors in large groups can avail bus safari which is cheaper and shorter (45-60 mins) while jeep safaris are more suitable for smaller groups and for a longer, more exclusive experience (lasts 2-3 hours)- both operate between 6 to 9 AM and 3 PM to 6 PM. Elephant Safari is available between 10 AM and 11 AM.
  • Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta: Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is the highest peak in Bandipura National Park. Located near Gundlupete, Himavad Gopalaswamy hill attracts visitors because of Venugopalaswamy temple and lush green natural surroundings. Built by sage Agasthya in the 14th century, Venugopalaswamy temple features Lord Krishna (Venugopala Swamy) standing in a dancing pose playing a flute (musical instrument) in his hands. The panel behind the idol features carvings of Krishna’s consorts Satyabhama and Rukmini as well as favorite animal cows and their caretakers.
  • Male Mahadeshwara Hills: Male Mahadeshwara hills, MM Hills for short is the abode of Saint Mahadeshwara and a major pilgrim centre in Karnataka dedicated to Lord Shiva. Male Mahadeshwara Hills is also known as ‘Elu Male’ (Seven Hills). MM Hills range consists of Kongumale, Jenumale, Pachchemale, Anumale, Kanumale, Ponnachimale and Pavalamale. The Mahadeshwara temple on top of MM Hills is said to be built by a local Kuruba landlord Junje Gowda. The Shiva Linga in MM Hills is believed to be self-manifested. Locals believe Male Mahadeshwara Swamy moves around on a tiger, performs miracles and protects them from evil.
Mention of Male Mahadeshwara hills and temples is found in several folk songs of Karnataka. Look out for words like ‘Elu Male’ and ‘Madeva’ when you hear a folk song or tribal dance.
  • BR Hills: Biligiri Rangana Hills (BR Hills) is a hill range in Karnataka approximately 42 kms from Chamarajanagara bordering Tamil Nadu state. BR Hills is a tiger reserve and wildlife Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple is the main temple inside BR Hills, dedicated to Lord Ranganatha. Other attractions include Forest Safari, bird watching, elephant bathing and sunset viewpoint.
Tourist Attractions
  • Hogenakkal Waterfalls: Hogenakkal waterfalls is a scenic amalgamation of rock, water and mist located on Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border. ‘Hoge’ means smoke and ‘Kallu’ means rock in Kannada. Hogenakkal essentially means smoke over the rocks, which is how it looks when there’s ample water falling over the rocks as river Kaveri enters Tamil Nadu from Karnataka.
  • Bharachukki Falls: Bharachukki is 60 kms north of Chamarajanagara and one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Karnataka. Another nearby waterfall, Gaganachukki falls under Mandya district.
  • Kundura Betta: 30 kms from Kollegala, Kundura Bettais an offbeat rocky mountain. Ideal for trekking
  • Dodda Sampige: 4 kms from BR Hills, River Bhargavi, a tributary of Kaveri flows in Dodda Sampige.
Religious Places
  • Agara: Home to Ramesvara, Narasimha, Durga and Varadaraja temples
  • Chamarajanagar: District capital and home to Chamarajeshwara , Bhujangeshwara, Lakshmi Narayana, Veerabhadra, Narayanaswamy temples.
  • Gundlupete: Home to Vijayanarayana, Rameshwara and Paravasudeva temple
  • Haradanahalli: A popular Veerashaiva centre, home to Gopalaswamy temple and Divyalingeshwara temples.
  • Hole Alur: Home to Arkeswara temple
  • Homma: Home to Rameshwara and Janaradhana temples, about 2 kms from Hole Alur.
  • Yelandur: Home to the 16th century Gowrishwara temple complex, Yelandur was headquarters of Hadinadu rulers. Parvati is the other temple. The 200 years old residence of Dewan Purnaiah is being used as a government office at present.
  • Yeriyur: Home to later Vijayanagara era Veerabhadra temple
  • Ummattur: Home to Janardhana, Ranganatha, Veerabhadra, Bhujangeshwara temples and two Jain Basadis (Adinatha and Vardhamana)
  • Triyambakapura: Home to a huge Triyambakeshwara temple built during Vijayanagara period in memory of Bukka 2nd.
  • Terakanambi: Home to Gopalaswamy, Moolasthaneshwara, Lakshmi Varadarajaswamy and Sugreeva temples.
  • Narasamangala: 24 kms from Chamarajanagar, Narasamangala is home to Ganga era Rameswara temple
  • Maleyur: Popular Jain centre with several basadis, Maramma temple and Chandramouleshwara temple
  • Kulagana: Home to Nellikalla Basaveswara, Parvati, Maramma, Kalikamba, Jalavasudeva and other temples.
  • Karivaradaraja Betta: 5 kms from Chamarajanagara, home to Lakshmi Varadaraja Swamy temple
  • Kollegala: Kollegala was Karnataka’s largest taluk (until 2017 when Hanur talk was carved out), located in Chamarajanagar district. Two national highways, NH 212 and 206 pass through Kollegala. Kollegala is home to major hills, waterfalls and lush green nature, making it an ideal weekend getaway from Bengaluru/Mysuru. Sri Muruleshwara Swamy temple, Sri Chowdeshwari temple and Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple are major temples in Kollegala. Mural Paintings at Parivaradavara Chavadi is worth visiting.
  • Dzogchen Monastery: A Buddhist Monastery in Chamarajanagara, 42 kms from Kollegala. http://www.dzogchen.org.in/

Tour Location

Chamarajanagara is well connected by road network from Bengaluru (180 kms) and Mysuru (60 kms).

Mysuru is the nearest airport (52 kms away). Bengaluru airport is 212 kms away.
Mysuru is the nearest railway station (62 kms away)
Chamarajanagara has limited bus service from nearby big cities such as Mandya and Mysuru.
Having your own transport is recommended while exploring Chamarajanagara. Taxi can be hired in Chamarajanagara, Mandya or Mysuru. Self-drive cars and bikes are available in Mysuru.


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