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International Yoga Day

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International Yoga Day

Yoga is not just about physical health, but it is a way of living. It aims towards a healthy mind, a healthy body, and an awakened soul. The word yoga is translated from ‘Yuja,’ which means to unite or to join. It is a union of body, soul, and mind. Also, it is the union of the self with the universe. Yoga is an an-age practice that brings together mental and physical disciplines allowing the achievement of a peaceful body and mind. International Yoga Day was introduced to raise awareness about yoga and its importance across the world. 

Celebrated on June 21 every year since 2015, International Yoga Day is a testament to the spiritual and physical difference yoga can bring in one’s life. Incepted in the United Nations Assembly, this day holds exceptional significance as it puts light on various yoga practices.

Various organizations throughout the world organize various activities to inform people about yoga and its endless benefits. India, the birthplace of Yoga, also contributes to this excellent initiative. Karnataka is one of the states in the country where this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. There are hundreds of yoga schools, institutions, and community centers that organize different activities to interact with people. From online classes, workshops, and more, the state always makes efforts to influence more people. People gather in large numbers to celebrate this unique day together. However, due to the COVID-19 safety norms, most of the celebrations have gone online. You can become a part of Karnataka’s celebration of International Yoga Day. After all, adopting yoga and its benefits in your daily life can improve your well-being in the long run. Though practicing yoga is not an activity of just one day, International Yoga Day is just the right day to start your journey towards health and spirituality.