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Ragi Mudde

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Ragi Mudde

Ragi Mudde or Ragi Balls is a staple meals item in Central Karnataka districts. Ragi Mudde is nutritious, fulfilling and unique in the way it is consumed (swallowed instead of chewing).

How is Ragi Mudde made:

Ragi Mudde is made from Ragi (Finger Millet) flour and water. Ragi flour and water are mixed and heated on a burner. As water evaporates a fine paste is formed, consistency of which is ensured by regular stirring with a stick. The hot dough of Ragi flour and water is allowed to cool down a bit, given the shape and size of a tennis ball and served hot.

Served with: Ragi Mudde is bland in taste. Hence Ragi Mudde is served with spicy rasam (known as Saaru or bassaru in Kannada, made from lentil & vegetable stews). Consumers take out a small portion of ragi mudde, dip it thoroughly in rasam and then swallow it without chewing for maximum impact. Sambar or curd are also used as accompaniments for Ragi Mudde.

Where to find Ragi Mudde:

Ragi Mudde is a common item in restaurants of Hasana and Chikmagalur districts. Ragi Mudde is also served in select restaurants across Karnataka. Use food delivery apps to identify nearest restaurants that serve Ragi Mudde.

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