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Forests are extremely important for the survival and sustenance of the human race. Almost 31 percent of the total global land is covered by forests. It plays a significant role in the preservation of numerous different species of plants, bushes, shrubs as well as birds, animals, and insects that constitute the ecosystem of the forests and maintain the climate in an area. World Forestry Day is celebrated on 21st March every year. The United Nations for Agriculture and Food Organization established the day in 1971, and since then the event is celebrated all over the world annually.

Why Are Forests Important?

At a time when deforestation was at its peak, it was important to take steps to preserve forests. Therefore, with the declaration of World Forestry Day by the United Nations for Agriculture and Food Organization, people have become more and more aware of the ill effects of deforestation and why conserving this natural resource is crucial. Forests not only play a pivotal role in maintaining the climate, but they are also the source for several precious goods that are used for trading. Therefore, they play quite an important role in the economic growth of a country. Without the benevolent contribution of forests, the human race would cease to exist several years ago.

Amazing Initiatives by Karnataka:

Karnataka is one of the Indian states that have recognized the significance of World Forestry Day. Most of Karnataka is covered by dense and beautiful forests where several ecosystems exist peacefully. It is the home to numerous exotic species of birds and animals. These attract a lot of tourism every year that seriously helps Karnataka’s economical growth. With numerous jungle lodges, tourists have the opportunity to experience the forest life as well as witness majestic animals in their natural habitat. The government has taken several steps to make sure that these forests are not only restored but are maintained carefully. The state of Karnataka celebrates World Forestry Day every year to spread awareness about the importance of trees and forests.

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