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The Indian Railways has attached a special Vistadome (glass top) coach on Mangaluru- Bengaluru train from July 7, 2021. The reason is, the train number passes through the enchanting Western Ghats, making the 45 kilometres journey incredibly picturesque. It begins at Nettana in Sullia taluk and ends at Sakleshpur in Hassan District. Till now the passengers were unable to enjoy the surroundings; thus, the Vistadome coach was introduced to capture the beauty of the route.
Besides providing magnificent views, this additional coach offers comfort and luxury at its best. It has 40 reclining and revolving seats for a comfortable journey. The booking of the Vistadome coach can be done on the Indian Railway portal, IRCTC.  The fare is similar to that of the executive class of Shatabdi of the Indian Railways.

The Mangaluru-Bengaluru scenic route was often missed by the passengers due to the conventional structure of the railway coach. But with the addition of this Vistadome train between Karwar-Yesvantpur at Mangaluru Central station, travelling will be a delight. The train also halts at Siribagilu for over 10 minutes to allow the passengers to soak up in the natural beauty of this place. This station is situated at the top of the Brahmagiri range, offering a 180-degree picturesque panoramic view of the Western Ghats.
The introduction of the Vistadome Train allows travellers and passengers to stay up close with nature and explore natural wonders in their full glory while on the move. The luxury coach with large glass windows, roof panels and rotating chairs makes the journey comfortable while you enjoy nature in its full glory.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I book my ticket to Vistadome?

The booking of Vistadome ticket is online via IRCTC. There is no separate category as Vistadome, you have to book the ticket in ECC (Executive Chair Car) category.

  1. What is the train number and fare?

There are many trains from Bangalore to Mangalore, till Karwar. The trains with the ECC category only have Vistadome coaches. The train doesn’t start from Bangalore main station, it starts from Yeshwantpur station. The train numbers Karwar Express number 16515 from Yeshwantpur to Mangalore and Majn Ypr Exp number 16576 is from Mangalore to Yeshwantpur. The current one-way full fare is Rs 1525 ( as of 22.03.2022). The senior citizen concession does not apply to this fare.

  1. How many seats are there is a coach?

There are 44 seats and can rotate 180°, giving you the perfect view of the scenic journey. Each seat comes with a back pocket, a cup holder, foldable tray, an armrest and are push-button recliner. Each seat has individual charging sockets for the benefit of people working on laptops and for mobile phones. The seat numbers are also written in Braille for visually impaired passengers.

  1. Can I store my luggage near me in the coach?

No. There is a separate luggage section/ rack at the end of the coach on either side near the door. There is no overhead luggage space.

  1. Do we get food in trains like Shatabdi Express or any other premium trains?

No, the train doesn’t offer food on the train. However, there is a small pantry where the food is available on payment like a cup- o noodles, pulav and some branded packed chips, biscuits and cool drinks. Since it is a long journey of almost 12 hours, the stock gets depleted very soon. It is advisable to carry your food.

The Bangalore – Mangalore train passes through the Western Ghats and a 45 km stretch from Sakleshpur to Subrahmanya Ghat is the highlight of the journey. The Vistadome coaches allow you to enjoy the breathtaking views from the special observation deck which is placed at the end of the coach.