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Explore Karnataka this Valentine’s Day

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Valentines Day in Karnataka

Explore Karnataka this Valentine’s Day

Valentine‘s Day is just around the corner and everyone is sort of looking for a getaway from busy schedules away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. As Karnataka is ‘One State Many Worlds’, it has everything to offer what a couple looks for in a holiday. Couples of age groups are not just looking for romantic getaways but also adventure, tranquillity, heritage, culture, wildlife, and even food trails to elope on Valentines Day. Choose your theme for this Valentine from the array of the platter and surprise your partner.

Romantic Destinations in Karnataka

The most sought short break on Valentines Day is a romantic destination away from city chaos where couples can spend some peaceful and relaxing quality time amidst nature. You can choose from the following romantic getaways in Karnataka for Valentines’ Day.

1. Coorg



The most beautiful and popular town of Karnataka for all age groups is Coorg. Walk-in misty coffee plantations, scenic landscapes, misty hills, a short trek near every homestay or hotel, waterfalls, and the cosy weather will make sure you have one of the best romantic Valentines Day. Soak up in the calmness and tranquillity and feel the essence of a hill station in Southern India. If you do not want to go out sightseeing, just stay in a traditional homestay and gorge on the authentic Coorgi cuisine with some locally grown hot coffee. Coorg is a paradise on earth and often called Scotland of India, for its picturesque beauty.

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2. Sakleshpur


Agni Gudda Sakleshpur

Often Sakleshpur in Karnataka is added as an additional stopover in the itinerary of Belur- Halebid- Chikamagalur but those who have stayed know; Sakleshpur is a destination by itself. Another beautiful hill station for coffee estates, treks, waterfalls, temples, and a fort will leave you in awe. Trek up to Agni, Pandavar, or Jenukal Gudda peak for gorgeous and dreamy sunrises and sunsets or the roaring Manjehalli Falls snuggled in lush green hills or just some fun activities at Hemavathy river’s backwaters. There is a lot you can do in the equanimity of Sakleshpur. Not to miss the Manjarabad Fort, a fort built by Tipu Sultan in 1792. Most of the reels of romantic Kannada Blockbuster ‘Mungaru Male’ were shot in Sakleshpur.

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3. Chikamagaluru


Ettina Bhuja Range Chikkamagalur

Calm yourself with the aromas of the coffee in “Coffee Land of Karnataka”, Chikamagalur. It is never enough in Chikamagalur in those tall lush green trees against the splendid Mullayangiri range in the background. Unleash your inner explorer, nature lover, trekker, and photographer in you with your partner at Chikamagalur.  A walk through coffee plantations, a perfect photo-op near the waterfalls, admiring the foggy hills, and a trek in the rough terrain yet gorgeous trails will want you to go back again and again. Isn’t that sound perfect for a Valentines Day break? Make sure you plan to visit all the waterfalls, historic sites and a hike to Mullayangiri peak, the highest peak in Karnataka.

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4. Kemmanagundi


Trekking in Kemmanagudi

Whether you go to Chikamagalur or not, you can still plan for Kemmanagundi. Kemmanagundi has everything that can make a tourist happy and satiated. Seal your love with a perfect setting of magnificent views of the hills, trek up the hill, soak up under waterfalls like Hebbe and Kalhatti and just enjoy the golden hour with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Indulge in boating or just watch the beautiful views of water gushing from the Bhadra Dam. Explore the area at your pace and drown in the beauty of this luxuriant town called Kemmanagundi.

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5. Gokarna

View from Sunset Point in Gokarna

View from Sunset Point in Gokarna

Not a hill-station person, no sweat. In Karnataka, you can have fun together with your partner at Gokarna Beach. Many people think Gokarna is a pilgrimage place, there is a lot more to do and see in Gokarna for people in love to spend time together. Breath-taking views of the beach with the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other can keep you mesmerized throughout your stay. Indulge in a walk on a full moon night or get some fun in water sports activities. Gokarna can surely be a perfect choice for this Valentine‘s Day. You can also explore other beaches in the Uttar Kannada region.

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Heritage and Culture in Karnataka

Valentine’s Day is all about spending quality time together and not just a romantic getaway. Knowing about the history and culture together and enriching yourself is another option one can look for.

1. Belur – Halebidu

Belur – Halebidu

Belur Chennakesava Temple

Interested in knowing the state’s history, heritage, and culture a little more, head out towards Hassan for Belur –Halebid. The twin cities have also been nominated for UNESCO Heritage sites for the year 2022. Get deeper into the history to know the interesting facts and stories about the temples in Belur and Halebid. The beautiful temples are ideal for spending time together and admiring the beauty all around. They also serve as fabulous backdrops for photographs. Spend time in the calmness of these architectural marvels, walk on the nice cool granite stone flooring and soak in the positive vibes of the temples. What other best way can be to spend Valentines Day? 

How to reach and know more about BelurHalebid 

2. Hampi



Not just knowing about the heritage, history, and culture of the Vijayanagara Kingdom dating back to the 14th Century, a walk in the UNESCO heritage is as romantic as any other destination in Karnataka. The beautiful sunset from Matanga Hill makes it an even more stunning romantic backdrop. A stroll in hilly terrain with boulders and the ruins of Vijayanagara Empire, a photo with The Stone Chariot, admiring the architecture and the stories behind each mural or carving will make your Valentine’s Day surely a memorable one

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3. Badami



Just 480 km away from Bangalore, Badami is one of the breath-taking locations which have also attracted a lot of movie producers and directors for its views. Famous for its rock-cut structural temples, Badami was the regal capital of Chalukyas.  Admire the beauty of Agastya Lake, historical monuments with intricate carvings and sculptures in the ancient style of architecture. There are a couple of resorts and hotels where you can stay in a royal style in the vicinity. Explore the town on foot, soak up into the culture and heritage or sit by the side of the lake to spend some snugged and cosy moments. You can also add Aihole and Pattadakal into the itinerary to complete the heritage triangle.

Adventure in Karnataka

1. Dandeli

White water rafting in Dandeli

Famous for Kali river white water rafting, wildlife safari, river crossing, kayaking, camping in the jungle, bird watching, hiking up to Syntheri Rock, coracle boat ride and so much more, Dandeli surely can be the best choice for spending that fun-filled Valentine’s Day. A serene destination in North Karnataka, Dandeli has a dense forest, a river, hills, a valley, and much more to spend that quality action-packed fun time together. Even if you are not interested in the adventure, just put your feet up in cosy forest resorts, pamper yourself or just go to Shiroli Peak to watch the breath-taking sunset. Dandeli is one of the most wonderful Valentines Day destinations in Karnataka if you are looking to spend some good time with your loved one.

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2. Bheemeshwari



Looking for some fun, adventure, and action-packed destination closer to Bangalore? Bheemeshwari can be one of the best choices for couples, who want to spend their Valentine’s Day with chirping birds, the melodious sound of river Cauvery or fishing near the campsite. Get some adrenaline rush with Kayaking, rope walking, rafting, bird-watching, a romantic walk in the lush green trails, or just spend some time admiring nature in camps and resorts. Bheemeshwari is truly an ideal location to spend time together while connecting with nature too.

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3. Scuba diving in Netrani

Scuba diving in Netrani

Scuba diving in Netrani

If you and your partner are adventure freaks and want to explore something exciting, try Scuba Diving at Netrani Islands. Also known as Pigeon Island, Netrani is just off the Murudeshwara temple near Mangalore. Although the island is of a heart shape but because of the wild growth of trees and home to many pigeons it is called Pigeon Island. Explore the life underwater and amaze your partner on this Valentine’s Day. The clear waters, corals, flora and fauna, and species of fish make Netrani one of the best scuba or snorkeling sites in India. 

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Karnataka’s every destination is unique in its way. Explore and surprise your partner this Valentines’ Day.