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Kundadri Hills

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Kundadri Hills

Standing tall at 826 meters, Kundadri hills is a hidden gem that remains untouched by the crowds. Nestled near Agumbe, amid the western ghats of Shimoga, Kundadri hills offer natural beauty and charming views like no other place. The beauty of this region will never fail to surprise you. The hills are known for two prominent reasons. First, the presence of a 17th-century Jain temple, dedicated to the 23rd Tirthankara “Parshwanath,” this temple is visited by devotees from across the country. There are several stone statues and two majestic ponds with emerald green water, adding more charm to this place.

Besides this, Kundadri hills is a popular trekking spot for adventure seekers. It takes around 3 hours to trek to reach the peak. This 7-kilometer long journey to the top takes you through rugged terrains, small streams, and wild vegetation. At every step, you will be mesmerized by its captivating views and natural surroundings. Though you will have to follow the rugged narrow path, it is not a difficult trekking journey. The best part is that you can also drive or ride your bike to the top of the hill from the base. Since the roads are in good condition, it can be a great experience as well. But, one has to be very careful as the route is steep, narrow, and has several hairpin bends. So, if you are planning to ride to the peak, make sure you have an experienced driver.

With an innate sense of adventure, spirituality, and natural bounty, Kundadri hills possess the true essence of the state. Make sure to plan a visit to this magnificent place which will allure your senses and fill your heart with positive thoughts. You can reach here by taking a bus from Bangalore to Thirthahalli, 30 kilometers away from Kundadri hills.