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Must Visit Places In Karnataka This Christmas

Must Visit Places In Karnataka This Christmas

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Must Visit Places In Karnataka This Christmas

Must Visit Places In Karnataka This Christmas

The season of joy and happiness is just around the corner. Each year, the entire world
celebrates Christmas on 25th December to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the
Christian religion, Jesus Christ is believed to be the “Son of God” and hence his birthday is a remembrance of God’s infinite blessings for us all. Christmas, as believed, is a mark of the time where the Lord shows His love for us.

Christmas in Karnataka:

On the 25th of December, every year, Christmas is celebrated throughout the famous cities and other regions of Karnataka with beautiful fairy lights bringing a festive vibe. Carol Singing is a must-be-included element in all the Christmas-related events that take place in or around Karnataka. Fairy lights and decorating balls brighten up the look of the cities at this time of the year. If you are planning to celebrate Christmas 2021 in Karnataka, here are some of the best places for extravagant festivities.


The IT capital of India celebrates this day vividly and joyously. People decorate their homes and gather around in community centres or public places to celebrate this occasion together. The Christmas mass at St. Patrick’s Church is a major part of Bangalore’s Christmas. At home, grand feasts are prepared to make this day even more special. However, the prime highlight of the Christmas celebrations in Bangalore remains the Brigade Road celebrations. These are held late at night where hundreds of people gather to enjoy the holiday season.


The Royal City is pretty famous for its exuberant Christmas celebrations. The St. Philomena’s Cathedral provides amazing offerings inside the city in a pure Neo-Gothic sense of style. The Day is celebrated with various street shows and live events with a lot of people gathering to cheer it.


If you wish to celebrate Christmas in a very more peaceful manner, Mangalore is the place to be. On this day, all the Christian Institutions, Churches and Chapels, Houses, all these places are beautifully decorated by laying out cribs to mark the birth of the “Son of God.”


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The beach city of Karnataka is another great place to spend your Christmas holidays.
The Gokarna sea beaches are decorated with lights and big public parties are arranged on the occasion of Christmas Eve. Tourists from across the country visit this place on 25th December to experience the unique way of celebration by the seaside.


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As beautiful as the location, the Christmas celebrations in the clubs and resorts are a must-visit. There are various churches and community centres that get decked up to mark this festival. Plus, the natural beauty and peaceful surroundings of these destinations add more charm to your vacation.

Get ready to experience Christmas festivities in their full swing in Karnataka. With so much to explore and experience, you will never get enough of this state.

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