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Keladi Rameshwara Temple

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Keladi Rameshwara Temple


Keladi Rameshwara Temple

Karnataka’s rich heritage and culture attract travellers from all spheres irrespective of age and interests. The architecture and detailing of the time speak a thousand words. Some of the offbeat or unexplored and lesser travelled places include the Shivamogga district in Karnataka. Although Shivamogga is famous for its magnificent Jog Falls, there are many other tourist attractions that one must visit. One such place is the ancient Keladi Rameshwara Temple. Keladi Rameshwara temple in Sagar, Shivamogga district is also known as a twin temple to Ikkeri Temple which is a few miles away from the Keladi temple.

About Keladi Temple

Lord Ganesha Temple

Nestled in the town that was ruled by Nayaks also known as Keladi rulers, the temple dating back to 1500 AD are an outstanding historic example of heritage and architecture. The temple was commissioned by Nayakas ruler, Chowdappa Nayaka. Nayakas, once a part of the Vijayanagara Dynasty ruled Ikkeri and Keladi and hence constructed the temples in these towns based on Hoysala- Dravidian style of architecture. Intricate and exquisite wooden carvings inside and outside the temple depicting various stories will leave in spell-bound. Carvings of a woman paying homage to the deity Ganesh on a 24 feet high pillar in the backyard are believed to be of Keladi queen Chennamma who bravely fought Sultan Aurangzeb. Popularly known as Rameshwara Temple, the temple showcases the glorious past of the empire depicting the rich heritage, culture, and art from the era.


Keladi was the first capital of the eminent Keladi Nayakas. The capital later was shifted to Ikkeri under Chandrappa Nayaka (A.D 1499-1544) and to Bidanur in A.D 1639 by Virabhadra Nayaka (A.D 1629-1645).

As you enter the neatly maintained lawns of the premises, this 16th-century temple, the main temple boasts of a Garbhagriha with Mukhamandapa and Mahamandapa. Notice a Nandi in front of Rameshwara temple facing the lord Shiva. These mandapas are common for both Rameshwara as well as lord Veerabhadra. The temple is sited on an elevated platform with a tall Dwajasthambam just outside the Veerabhadra temple. Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva sits on this Dwajasthambam.

Keladi temple

The inside structure of the Veerabhadra temple has some astonishing works of craftsmanship with structures of various animals like lions, tigers, elephants, horses, and many other birds. The sanctum ceiling has a beautifully carved Gandaberunda. Gandaberunda is a two-headed bird symbolizing strength and power and was a symbol of Vijayanagara Kings, Wadiyars of Mysore, and the Keladi Empire. This Gandaberunda is a symbol carried on most of the heritage buildings and monuments in Karnataka. Although the temple is still active, it is maintained and protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

How to reach

Located in the Shivamogga district, the Keladi temple is approximately 80 km away from the main town towards Sagar. The best way to reach Keladi is by road. You can reach Shivamogga either by road, air, or rail.

By Air

The nearest international and domestic airport is Mangaluru. From Mangaluru Keladi is approximately 200 km and takes about 4 hours to reach by road.

By Rail

Once you have reached Shivamogga, Keladi is 80 km away and takes about an hour and a half via road. The roads are in good condition and are a beautiful and scenic drive.

Best time to visit

The temperature in Shivamogga is generally high. The summers are warm. The best time to visit Keladi is post-monsoon i.e. between Septembers till February. Winter is the best time to visit.

Duration of Visit

The maximum time spent is on reaching Keladi temple. The temple tour and briefing are generally done by the temple priest. One can spend up to 2 hours in the temple to study the temple history and click pictures.

Places to visit near Keladi/ Shivamogga

Karnataka Tourism’s tag line ‘One state Many Worlds’ holds good for every district. Shivamogga is one of the lesser-visited districts in Karnataka. Explore the unexplored and popular attractions in the district and around Jog falls, Aghoreshwara Temple of Ikkeri, Sringeri Mutt, Murudeshwara Temple, and Arasalu Railway station (popularly known as Malgudi Days station), Sharavathi Back waters, Sakrebyle Elephant camp, Kodachadri hills, and much more.

Express Information:

1. The temple is open throughout the year and can be visited any time.
2. There is no entry fee to the temple.
3. The temple is open from 6 am to 8 pm.
4. Photography is allowed inside the temple.
5. Wear appropriate clothes when visiting the temple.