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Obbattu, also referred to as Holige, is a sweet dish of Karnataka made during festivals and special events.

How is Obbattu made:

Making Obbattu is a relatively complex process compared to other Karnataka cuisines. Maida flour is the primary ingredient in Obbattu. Maida is mixed with small portions of wheat flour, salt, haldi (turmeric) and the dough is prepared. Meanwhile, chana gram is cooked in a pressure cooker. The dough base is then applied with chana-jaggery mix on the inside and heated on a tawa to make the delicious obbattu. Ghee is added while heating is in progress.


  • Plain Obbattu: Obbattu without any stuffing
  • Kai Obbattu: Kai refers to coconut. Holige made with coconut fillings is often a tastier version of regular obbattu but has much lesser shelf life due to usage of coconut. Most popular variant.
  • Fruits/Vegetable Obbattu: Different variations of Obbattu are made by stuffing fruits/vegetables/ingredients like carrots, mango puree, pineapple, badam, chocolate, dry fruits and so on. These are not common and depend on the interest of the maker/shopkeeper.

Where to get Obbattu:

Obbattu or Holige is commonly available in bakeries. Obbattu or Holige is usually part of the meals menu in wedding functions, temple meals and other celebrations. Few supermarkets sell ready to eat Obbattu/holige which needs to be heated before consumption.