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Hampi Utsav 2023

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Hampi Utsava – 27 to 29 January 2023

The ruins of Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site in central Karnataka, come alive with music and sounds of dance when the State Government holds the Hampi Utsava to recreate the grandeur of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire. It is believed that the Utsava is celebrated since the time of the Vijayanagara Empire and hence might be one of the oldest celebrations/festivals in India. Today, the Hampi Utsava also called Vijaya Utsava celebrated over a week that captures the pomp, splendour, and glory of the Vijayanagara Empire. The backdrop of the Utsava is Hampi and her ruins. The festival includes lighting up the prominent monuments in Hampi, Jumbo Saavari (elephant procession), and performances by some of India’s most celebrated singers, dancers, and performers, water sports, food courts, photography competitions, Rangoli/ Mehndi competitions, etc. Hampi Utsava attracts lakhs of visitors from all parts of the world and is one of the most popular celebrations in Karnataka making Hampi one of the top places to visit in Karnataka.
At the backdrop of River Tungabhadra, the illuminated ruins of Hampi stand tall igniting a billion sparks during the Hampi Utsava. Hampi Utsava is an ode to the legacy of the Vijayanagara Empire showcasing the rich heritage and culture of the region.

What to expect

Hampi Utsava brings together thousands of the finest performers in art, music, and dance to offer a cultural extravaganza to lakhs of visitors. While the exact event schedule and performances could vary each year, below are what you can expect during Hampi Utsava

  • Grand procession of fully decorated Jambu Safari, – elephants and men dressed as soldiers of the Vijayanagara Empire
  • Competitions: As part of Hampi Utsava, several competitions such as Photography competitions, rural sports, Rock climbing, Rangoli, Mehndi competition, and water adventure sports are held.
  • Cultural Shows: Puppet shows, Music performances, Dance shows, Drama, street performances, and more from all over Karnataka and India. This also includes folk songs and dances in Janapada Kalavahini.
  • Fireworks: Spectacular firework complements the celebrations at Hampi Utsava
  • Exhibitions: Stone sculptures, paintings, books and other exhibitions to attract experts who have a keen interest in the exquisite craftsmanship.
  • Helicopter Rides: Visitors to Hampi Utsava 2023 could enjoy an aerial view of the world heritage site.
  • Light and Sound Show
  • Shopping for Handlooms and Handicrafts in Karnataka
  • Illuminated Monuments
  • Food Courts showcase the best of Karnataka cuisine and from other regions too.

How to reach Hampi

Hampi, the UNESCO world heritage site is 350 km from Bengaluru and can be reached via road, rail, and air. Hubballi is the closest airport to reach Hampi by air. There are regular flights from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. Taxis are easily available from the airport to reach the UNESCO site. Hospete is the nearest railway station (15 km from Hampi). Hampi is one the most sought-after places to visit in Karnataka and has a multitude of buses available from Bengaluru.

Venue Address:  Hampi
Dates: 27-29 January 2023
Ticket:  Free Entry

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