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Belagavi Kunda

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Belagavi Kunda

Belagavi Kunda is a sweet delicacy having its origins in Belagavi city of North Karnataka.

How Belagavi Kunda is made:

Milk or Khova (thickened form of milk derived from heating) and sugar are main ingredients of Belagavi Kunda. Milk is boiled extensively till it loses most of its water content and becomes a concentrate. Now sugar is added and stirred well. Cardamom powder and dry fruits are added in the final stage. Kunda is now ready to be served. Desired shape and size can be given by hand.

Points to note

  • Belagavi Kunda is to be stored in a cool and dry place but long term refrigeration is not recommended.
  • Kunda makes a perfect desert item after a lavish meal.
  • Travelers visiting Belagavi take back with them generous quantities of Belagavi Kunda to distribute among friends and family.

Where to find Belagavi Kunda:

Best place to get Belagavi Kunda is of course in the city of Belagavi in North Karnataka. Belagavi is 500 kms North West of Bengaluru. Belagavi city has over 200 sweet shops manufacturing and selling Kunda. Belagavi Kunda is also available in nearby cities such as Hubli, Dharwad, Davanagere and in select bakeries in other parts of Karnataka.