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Get ready to be thrilled with the much-awaited Butterfly Festival in Karnataka

While the pandemic has caused a heavy crisis in the global economy and forced us, humans, to stay indoors, locked up, it has been a boon for nature. Busy cities like Bengaluru have seen drastic changes in their rainfall, pollution, and fauna. Amidst this, numerous species of Butterflies are being spotted after the lockdown due to the improved environment. Ashoksen Gupta, the founder of BBC said, “These butterflies were never found in the city before but have been sighted after the lockdown — a clear indication that a drop in pollution only helps improve the environment. These species are extremely rare to find and have been breeding by the roadsides in Jalahalli, Makalidurga and GKVK.”

How the Event will be held

The event is organized as a joint venture by the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), The Bengaluru Butterfly Club (BBC), Indian Foundation for Butterfly and Karnataka Ecotourism Board. It will be held from November 7 to 12, 2020 in Karnataka Forest Department’s Doreswamypalya Park. Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, it is decided that four to five members from the BBC team will take a walk around the park and live stream the findings on social media for the nature lovers. The event will be followed by lectures on Butterflies, Quizzes, Puzzles, Butterfly Photo Contests and Photo Exhibitions.

Aim of the Festival

The main purpose of this event will be to spot new species’ of Butterfly. This opportunity can be used by the researchers and experts in Butterfly to share their findings. There were also discoveries of new species of Butterflies reported like the Red Admiral, Alida Angle, Orange Awlet, and little Tiger Pierrot. This event also aims at creating a sense of awareness among the people regarding Butterflies.

Being a part of the Event

Nature Lovers can be a part of this Butterfly Festival virtually and watch the live stream on YouTube and Facebook. They can take part in the discussion on social media and take part in the quizzes and photography contests arranged by the organizers.