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Unexplored Places in Karnataka

When we think about holidays, we often write down the famous places we will explore. However, choosing unusual places can sometimes bring unforgettable memorable experiences. Here are some hidden treasures and little-known places to explore in Karnataka. Gummanayaka Fort Situated [...]

Jungle Lodges and Resorts in Karnataka

Jungle lodges and resorts in Karnataka Introduction Located in the southern half of the Indian subcontinent, Karnataka is a state that boasts of numerous sights of natural beauty along with an impressive amount of flora and fauna.  Charming grasslands, dense [...]

Must Visit Monuments in Karnataka

Karnataka has the second highest number of certified landmarks in India, with the exception of 752 landmarks protected by the Government Directorate of Archeology and Museums and another 25,000 sites still to be certified. This makes it clear that Karnataka [...]

Must Visit Hill Stations In Karnataka

Best Hill Stations To Visit While all of India is filled with stunning places to visit, Karnataka is one of the few states that has to offer it all. From the land of royal heritage and magnificent buildings in Mysore [...]

Things To Do In Karwar

Karwar is a small town located by the Sangam of the Kali River and the Arabian Sea. Known for its enthralling scenic beauty, Karwar is located 50 kilometres from Goa and is slowly gaining recognition. This holiday, if you are [...]

Must-Visit Waterfalls In Karnataka

Karnataka is known for its Heritage destinations, miraculous hill stations and magnificent waterfalls. It is a state filled with glorious places be it for its famous Mysore’s Silk and Sandalwood, or experiencing the living ruins of Hampi, or a place [...]

Dandeli Crocodile Park

A beautiful green town nestled in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Dandeli is one of the leading wildlife destinations in the Western Ghats. The lush environment, scenic beauty and chirping birds enrich the picturesque beauty of Dandeli. This natural [...]