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Utsav Rock Garden, Gotagodi

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An exemplar of Karnataka’s rich culture, art, and traditions, Utsav Rock Garden is a renowned sculpture museum. With over 1000 hand-crafted sculptures, this place takes you through the glorious bygone era of the state. It primarily showcases agriculture and other rustic professions through art and architecture forms. The garden also includes a sculptural recreation of an ancient art village representing the lifestyle and works of transitional craftsmen and artisans.

Utsav Rock Garden has been crowned with eight world records for its world-class sculptures and modern art. It is not only a popular tourist attraction but also a prominent educational and cultural centre. Whether you are a layman or an art expert, this place is sure to delight you to the core. People from diverse communities visit this garden in large numbers throughout the year. It is not just another tourist place, but an exciting experience that engrosses you in the world of art, explaining the culture of Karnataka.

There is an indoor art museum in the garden with an exquisite collection of artworks made from pearls or glass. Utsav Rock Garden offers a perfect blend of modern and contemporary art, depicting our age-old generation’s lifestyle, costumes, and professions.

Located at GOTAGODI village, on the National Highway NH-4, the rock garden is surrounded by picturesque surroundings, a beautiful pond, and tiny hillocks. The garden lies between the cities of Hubli and Haveri, next to the bank of a countryside pond. The 50-acre area is brimming with inexhaustible art and nature’s divinity. You can enjoy magnificent modern and contemporary art and architecture amidst the beautiful settings of nature. A unique landscape with exotic and native Indian plants adds to the beauty and charisma of the garden.

While the artworks and landscaping started in 2006, the garden was opened on October 2, 2009, for the public. Utsav Rock Gąrden has been a well-known attraction and an anthropological museum of the state’s folklore and culture. With an amalgamation of rich culture, traditions, art, and architecture, the Utsav Rock Gąrden showcases Karanatka’s glorious past most beautifully.

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