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Malkheda Fort

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Malkheda Fort

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Malkheda, formerly known as Manyakheta was the capital city of Rashtrakuta Dynasty which ruled Deccan region during 9th and 10 centuries. King Amogha Varsha I shifted capital from Mayurkhani to Manyakheta.

Attractions inside Malkheda fort

  • Thick outer walls, 20 foot in height, built with lime stone blocks (known as Shahabad stones) 
  • Main Entrance with remnants of wooden doors
  • Narrow and curved staircase to access watch towers
  • Old Hanuman temple
  • View of Kagini River from elevated points inside the Malkheda Fort.
  • Kala Darga or Black Mosque
  • Jain temple
  • Ruins of a Palace, part of canons

Note: Hiring a local guide from Malkheda town is recommended while visiting Malkheda fort.  Carry adequate water as the region is known for harsh temperatures in summer.

Nearby: Kalaburagi Fort (40 kms), Bidar fort (120 kms), Sannati (58 kms) can be visited along with Malkheda.

How to reach Malkheda: Malkheda is 555 kms from Bengaluru. Kalaburagi airport, 30 kms from Malkheda is the nearest airport, with 3 times a week flight from Bengaluru. Bidar is another airport 118 kms from Malkheda. Kalaburagi has a railway station and good bus connectivity from various parts of Karnataka. Taxi can be hired in Kulaburagi to reach Malkheda.

Stay: Kalaburagi town, 40 kms from Malkheda has budget and mid range hotels.


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