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Jamia Masjid, Vijayapura

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Jamia Masjid, Vijayapura

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Jamia Masjid is Vijayapura (formerly known as Bijapur)’s most popular mosque and one of the largest in South India. Jamia mosque was built in 1578 by Ali Adil Shah the first.


Adil Shah 1, along with an alliance of Deccan Sultanates fought against the Vijayanagara Empire in the Battle of Talikote during 1565 and won. This led to the collapse of Vijayanagara empire and subsequent loot and destruction of Hampi. Jamia Masjid was built to celebrate this victory.

Design and Architecture:

Jamia Masjid can accommodate about 2500 people for prayers. Jamia Masjid is built on a large area of over one lakh sq ft.  Inscriptions from the Quran are carved on the interiors of Jamia Masjid. Jamia mosque campus has a large courtyard, water tank, seating arrangements and mosque building measuring 170 meters by 70 meters. Nine large arches, impressive dome, 2250 rectangular tiles are some of the unique features of Jamia Mosque.

Nearby:  Visit to Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole can be planned along with Vijayapura Jamia Masjid. These attractions are 106-120 kms from Vijayapura. Basavana Bagewadi is 45 kms from Vijayapura.

How to reach: Jamia Masjid is 530 kms from Bengaluru. Hubballi and Belagavi airports are the closest airports (both about 200 kms from Vijayapura). Vijayapura has good train and bus connectivity from Bengaluru.

Stay: KSTDC runs Hotel Mayura Adil Shahi in Vijayapura, 1.6 kms from Jamia Masjid. Multiple budget and mid range hotels are available in Vijayapura town.

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