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65th Karnataka Rajyotsava

Karnataka Rajyotsava, also known as Kannada Day, is one of the most Glorious Days in the lives of Kannadigas from around the world. To commemorate the birth of the State of Karnataka amalgamating all the Kannada speaking regions in South India, November 1st is celebrated every year as Karnataka Day with great pomp and zeal.

The idea of a Distinct and Unified State for Kannada speaking people was conceived by Aluru Venkata Rao, the revolutionary Kannada Laureate, often referred to as Karnataka Kulapurohita, as early as 1905. As India became a Republic and the process of formation of Provinces based on languages spoken begun, the dream of a separate state for Kannadigas was re-ignited among leaders. On November 1, 1956, the much-awaited day saw the light of day and the State of Mysore (named after the mighty princely state of Mysore) was born. The name was later changed to Karnataka in 1973.
The Newly Formed State included various parts from the erstwhile Princely State of Mysore, Kannada-Speaking Regions of Madras and Bombay Provinces and parts of Hyderabad estate. What was once a noble dream transpired into reality creating a unified ethnic identity for all Kannada speaking population and the day in all its rightness needs celebration.

Kannadigas from around the world celebrate this day by unfurling the Red and Yellow State Flag of Karnataka along with the State Anthem “Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujate” being sung at strategic locations including Government Offices, Educational Institutions, etc. The entire state decks up in colors and mood of festivity. The celebrations are marked by various cultural programs across the State along with Celebratory Processions, Bike or Car rallies gracing the streets of Karnataka.

The Chief Minister of the State inaugurates the celebrations by hoisting Karnataka’s State Flag and setting the Cultural Programs in motion at Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru. Multi-Coloured tableaus mounted on vehicles decorated with Red and Yellow Flags and festoons, and pictures of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari are seen on the streets marking the carnival for the auspicious day. Various Folk Dances and Songs are also performed as a part of the celebrations.

It is also a day to celebrate and honor some of the greatest personalities who contribute to the development of the State in various fields. The State Government asserts the Rajyotsava Awards on this day to celebrate their contributions.

As we mark 65 years of celebrating the formation of the State this year, the State Government has decided to make it a low key event keeping the enduring pandemic situation in mind. The celebrations will be postponed to December keeping the safety of the citizens in mind. 65 Notable People who have underwritten the development of Karnataka across 23 fields will be rewarded with the Rajyotsava Award, the Second-Highest Civilian Honor presented by the State Government to its citizens.

Being one of the major celebrations in Karnataka, November 1st is declared as a State Holiday. This is one such celebration that witnesses the participation of Kannadigas irrespective of their religious or other backgrounds and is celebrated with equal favor across the State.