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India’s National Tourism Day

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India’s National Tourism Day

Most people are unaware of the fact that India dedicates a day to tourism; however, it should come as no surprise because India is a treasure trove of exquisite mountains, forests, and sea beaches. Every year, 25th January is celebrated at the India National Tourism Day, an incredible way to spread awareness about the importance of traveling and protecting nature.

The subcontinent has several things to offer, vast beaches with glistening sand, magnificent mountains covered in snow, and adventurous forests boasting of rare and beautiful flora and fauna. Every waterfall, mountain peak, estuary, desert, or forest is unique and no one can fathom how beautiful India is.

The Mountains

Karnataka is famous for its Mountains and Hills. The brilliant weather of the hilly region offers a traveler with fresh oxygen and breathtaking views.

The Forests

A wanderer is almost always intrigued by dense forests and the excellent wildlife that it houses. Karnataka is one such state in the southern region of the subcontinent that has some of the most amazing and interesting evergreen forests, tucked snugly in the foothills of the magnificent Western Ghats.

Several wildlife camps and lodges can be found all across Karnataka, each promising something new and exciting. If luck is your friend, you may find yourself seeing deer, gaurs, elephants, and other wild animals in their natural habitat from these camps.

The Beaches

Sea beaches and the coastal regions in Karnataka along the Indian peninsula is another wonder that is found in India. The cuisine, culture, and traditions of the coastal areas are mesmerizing and tourists often find these sea beaches awe-inspiring.


The main focus of celebrating India National Tourists day is to educate people about the benefits of traveling and the importance of tourism. India is a tourist’s paradise and this trade plays an important role in the economy of the country. This also helps us remember how diverse India is with its spectacular sea beaches, resplendent forests, majestic mountain peaks as well as a dazzling dessert.

This is a great time to appreciate the culture and the heritage of different parts of India and helps understand the country better. Celebrating India National Tourism Day is an excellent initiative that was taken by the Indian Government.