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Carnatic Music

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Carnatic Music

Carnatic Music, also known as Karnataka Sangeetha is a form of music unique to South India. While north India follows Hindustani music, southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are known for Carnatic Music performances.

Elements of Carnatic Music

  • Sruti: Musical pitch
  • Swara: Tone assigned to a specific musical note.
  • Raga: A formulae of musical notes. Different Ragas carry various sequences of musical tones and any given song conforms to a specific Raga. 
  • Taala: A predetermined sequence of rhythms

Major instruments used in Carnatic Music

  • Tamboori
  • Mridanga
  • Violin
  • Harmonium
  • Flute
  • Ghatam
  • Veena

Carnatic music performance often involves a small team consisting of a main singer (vocalist), assisted by other singers and musical instrument players. Listening to the melodious songs, rythms and musical tunes will be a soul enriching experience.

Where to experience Carnatic Music:

Following are the major ways to identify any upcoming Carnatic music concert in your area

  1. Nada Surabh: http://www.nadasurabhi.org/
  2. Bengaluru Gayana Samaja: http://www.gayanasamaja.org/
  3. Narada Sabha: http://www.nadabrahmasabha.com/
  4. Sri Rama Lalita Kala Mandira : http://www.srlkmandira.org/
  5. Online portals/Apps: Most ticketed commercial musical events in Bengaluru are often listed on online portals such as Book My Show or All Events to name a few.  
  6. Local Newspaper/Online search: To identify any advertised cultural event in your area that might include Carnatic Music performances

Multiple music festivals conducted from time to time, such as Ramanavami Global Music Festival, Purandara Dasara Aaradhane, Chalukya Utsava, music concerts held as part of Dasara celebrations and Bengaluru habba are great opportunities to listen to excellent Carnatic music performances by renowned vocalists.